The Microwave Single Serve Cinnamon Roll Experiment

Next up on Jaime’s Lazy Late Night Cooking Corner, satisfy your sweet tooth with a microwave cinnamon roll just for you. Plus, some quick and easy frosting to top it off! We kicked off this scrumptious weekly series with the Single Serve Rice Krispy Treat and then the delicious Microwave Blueberry Cobbler. Now, it’s all about a delectable breakfast delight at any hour of the night.

Our other microwave treats, Coffee Cake in a Cup, Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the 2-Minute French Toast in a Cup are also divine, if I do say so myself.

Check out the printable directions for The Microwave Single Serve Cinnamon Roll Experiment after the jump…

Single Serve Microwave Cinnamon Roll
1) Take out a single cinnamon roll from your tube of cinnamon rolls and place it in a small dish or mug.
2) Put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Remember that every microwave is different, so it could be a little more or less time.

Quick and Easy Frosting Ingredients:
-About a 1/2 cup powder sugar
-About 1 teaspoon of water or milk

Mix together. Pour over cinnamon roll. Enjoy!




Seriously… I was expecting an ACTUAL recipe… what has this society come to…


Oh man… i was looking for an actual recipe… if i had a tube of cinnamon rolls i think id just bake it. I REALLY WANT A RECIPE FOR NOT HEALTHY (i do NOT like dates or bananas or have oat flour or coconut oil) CINNAMON ROLLS FROM SCRATCH!!! Any suggestions?
Although, im sure this would be a wonderful recipe. I will certainly try it if i ever get my hands on a tube of cinnamon rolls. 😉


This is NOT a recipe.So agitated when I see things like this. For heavens sake everyone knows you can cook just about anything in a microwave. Ppst a RECIPE for single serve microwavable cinnamon rolls, please. Lol


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