The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

A few weeks ago, Greta invited us to her two year anniversary workshop for her flower store, Glasswing Floral. You may remember when we’ve worked with her in the past on such posts as, Rose and Eucalyptus Body ScrubLavender and Lemon Muffins and How to Make a Beautiful Mother’s Day Bouquet. When we arrived at the workshop, we were greeted with bouquets of beautiful blooms and encouraged to create our own original bouquet. She gave us a few pointers, a glass of champagne, and told us to just have fun. How do you think it turned out?

The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

Today we are going to break down the basics of building your own bouquet with a few tips from Greta, and a few others we’ve learned along the way. Let’s get started!

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The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

Picking Your Palette: Before you even begin creating your bouquet, brainstorm a color palette you might want to go with. Will it be different shades of one color? Vibrant and bold? Soft and warm? Even if you can’t quite decide on the color scheme, consider what mood you are trying to set before you even begin shopping. I like to refer to our Pretty Plants board, or even items around my home for inspiration. There is color inspiration everywhere!

The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

Building a Base of Greens: Now that you have an idea of the mood you want to set, it’s time to get to work. When you are out shopping, pick up a bunch of green foliage you can use as the base of the bouquet. Greta encouraged us to keep adding until the green base was quite full. This helps hold the flowers in, defines the basic shape of the bouquet, and breaks it up so that each flower stands out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your greens to add dimension.

Defining Your Shape: Once you are on a roll with building your bouquet, start spinning it around to see it from different angles. This will help you define the shape and find any holes forming. Ask yourself whether you want it to be viewed from all sides or only one.  Will it be short and round, or tall and slender?

The Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet

Keep Adding: This was a key point that Greta told all of us. You might find that one minute you have this awesome rhythm going, and the next minute you are second guessing everything you just did. When this happens, just keep adding. You can always remove the unwanted flowers later, but adding flowers in can help everything click back together again. Trust me, it really did help (another glass of champagne never hurts too).

It’s All About Having Fun: Last, but certainly not least, just have fun! You get to make a totally unique creation with gorgeous flowers, there’s no need to stress. Nothing is permanent, so if you feel like being a bit experimental, go for it. Challenge yourself to try something new and don’t forget to share them with us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

TThe Basics of Building a Beautiful Bouquet


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