My New Mid-Century Modern Home

New House 1 Carleton and I bought a house! It’s been a long process – we’ve been looking for over a year and made so many offers that didn’t get accepted and seen so many duds and so many beautiful homes before we finally found The One. We move in on Sunday! Prepare for many, many redecorating and remodeling questions and posts.

Our new home is a 1949 mid-century modern in – gasp – the valley area of LA. We are moving over the hill and we couldn’t be more excited. We are most thrilled about having a pool! I grew up with a pool, Scarlet is an accomplished swimmer, and in LA you use it year round for entertaining, exercising, relaxing, and cooling off. New House 2

Decorating the patio is going to be my favorite project, I think. New House 5

The previous owners are, of course, taking their furniture with them. I am already scheming and plotting for my new style.New House 6

These photos are all of the former owners’ things. They cared for this home lovingly for many years – they even added the wood paneling themselves, refinished the pool, and installed a solar heating system – that means we can keep our pool warm year round! I am so excited to carry on that legacy and also add my own style. I love the custom gate and drought-friendly front yard landscaping. New House 3

There are three peregrine falcons who bathe in the front yard fountain regularly. I am glad Jacinda came to town and convinced me to ask the former owners to sell me the fountain. The sound of it is a perfect welcome home. I will be adding a roof to my custom chicken coop plans, though. New House 4

I love that they updated the kitchen with new counters and floors, but didn’t replace the original cabinets, just refinished them. I love all of the original hardware and the wood is beautiful. I can’t wait to cook dinners in here, and plant an herb garden in that giant bay window while watching falcons bathe. New House 7

The bedrooms need new flooring. While I have some love for shag carpeting, this stuff is old and I don’t think it’s the best choice when your door opens up to a pool. Scarlet’s room is going to have a tween-friendly makeover, and it’s going to be amazing! She is so excited! New House 8

What she is most excited about, besides the pool, is her bathroom. That wallpaper is original from 1949! And I think I love it… I know Scarlet does. New House 9

I will update the tub and shower, but I think I’m going to keep the wallpaper and counter. What do you think? I’m most thrilled by how mid-mod architects used light – this bathroom has perfect natural light peeking in through the high windows so you can put on your makeup and not look like a clown (problem in my current dark bathroom). New House 15

The master bedroom suffers from the same shag carpet problem, but it’s a cozy nook with a big sliding glass door out to the yard. I plan to re-envision it with a new door – maybe some type of modern french door? And we are going to invest in new furniture and paint and a whole bright, simple, clean look. The best part is all the original built-in storage with beautiful wood doors that even hide the TV. New House 10

The master bath is going to need a whole remodel. That’s going to be down the road, it’s fine for now. I’d like to open up that whole shower wall and put a window in the back so I can look out on my chickens while I bathe. Yeah, that’s weird, but I’m owning it. New House 16

Here’s the office where my husband will work and Scarlet will read and guests will stay. They’ve refinished the cement floors in here, though I’m not sure I love it because you can see traces of the tile glue. I have to think on this one. I plan to be true to the mid-mod style with a built in system to make this more of a library for all the jillions of books we couldn’t part with while we pack. It certainly has a view conducive to contemplating all the work that needs to be done, and a dog door for Princess Cheese. New House 11

The living and dining room are a wide open space, with a functional wood burning fireplace (rare in Los Angeles) and giant glass windows out to the yard. New House 12

This room is going to be so fun. I am moving in with way too much furniture for this simple space, so it’s going to be a mish mash of what we own and what we need and what works. It’s also carpeted – I don’t love carpet, but it’s brand new and authentic to the home, and underneath it is a brittle, shattered mystery tile, so it might be a minute or year or four before we invest in new flooring. I dream of slate floors – but alas that is a big dream. New House 17

I love the windows and the open space. This is where my daughter will become a teenager, open presents, hang out with her dog. I have so many visions of happy times here, but 99% of them are about dinner. I can’t wait to get my dining room table in here and just make the perfect place for us to eat together (almost) every night. New House 18

I am already imagining Scarlet running in the door all wet from the pool and me being like: Close the door! The air conditioning is on! Use a towel before you come inside! And her rolling her eyes while reluctantly obliging. New House 14

And finally, there’s the garage. My husband had a fantasy about being able to park his car in a garage. Ha Ha Ha! Not gonna happen. Our current home has a garage converted into a studio, which is where I have been working on this site, my books, and all our crafts for 8 years. I was worried about losing a space like that when we moved, but alas we found this house with a perfect garage with built in workstations and gorgeous organized storage! I can’t wait to set up my tools and sewing machines and prudent workstation here. New House 13

And most of all…. those magical Los Angeles sunsets in the yard. This is where we are going to make the best memories. New House 20

I can’t wait to hear what you think of our new home/project and to work on it with you all!




It’s so amazing! And hell yeah, you have to keep the wallpaper and bright green counter top! Love it!


Beautiful house!!! Mis century is my favorite! I would DEFINITELY keep the wallpaper in Scarlett’s bathroom! Not only is it amazing because it’s original, but it’s gorgeous!! Love your kitchen too! Perfect blend of updated yet original! Your bought a gem!

Fairfax Avenue

It’s a classic, and I’m excited to see how you’ll make it your own.

Having grown up in a 1948 house (LA, 90045), with 1961 furniture, I didn’t realize how much I like MCM style until it came back in style. Thankfully, I inherited many of my parent’s classic pieces and I’m enjoying them now.


Sigh!! This house is ama-zing!!!!!! I can’t believe its in LA not in Palm Springs!


Oh my gosh this home is amazing! Congrats! I’m so excited for you! And especially that wallpaper. Love Love Love 🙂
– Dana

Dakota Graywolfe

I said oh my god a few times during this post. I haven’t visited your blog in a solid 3 or 4 years. But I remember when Scarlet was a baby. And now you’re envisioning her teen years. Super exciting, super beautiful home. Many Congrats.


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