25 FREE Fabric Scrap-Busting Tutorials

Saving all those gorgeous bits of fabric for a rainy day? Well let it pour because here are 25 FREE tutorials to help you bust through that stash. Every one of them would make a perfect little handmade giftie… or keep-ie. Whip up an adorable decorative pumpkin for the mantle, or pretty baby quilt, some catnip mice for the kitty or a glam eye mask for all those days you get to sleep in. HA! There is something for anyone on your list. After all there are only 109 days til Christmas!



Dani MP

This was great inspiration! I combined a couple of them to make some little fabric scrap flowers on headbands when my daughter was home with a fever! Nothing like a little sewing project to distract a sick kid, right? Thanks so much for putting together this great list of tutorials!

Emma Branton

To whom this may concern,

I am currently studying textiles at Hessle High School an am preparing for my 2nd year. My initial thoughts on my final piece for this course are the manipulation of fabrics. I was wondering if their would be any chance I could receive any helps or hints from your expertise. As the manipulation of fabric interests me greatly and was particularly interested in your thoughts. Also any spare scraps of fabric would be appreciated if you have any spare. As I will be able to include it within my research booklet.
Any help would be largely beneficial and appreciated, even any imagery you may be able to attach.

Thank you in anticipation of any help you can give me,

Emma Branton


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