25 Must-Packs for a Tropical Girls’ Getaway

Do you dread packing for a trip or do you consider it part of the fun? While I am not naturally a planner or nearly as organized as I should be in most areas of my life, when it comes to packing for travel, I turn into a 5-star general, and I love it! There are schedules, strategy, and even scales involved. It’s the one time that my level of planning rivals that of my sister Amanda. So with the two of us about to hit the high seas on a girls’ trip Carnival cruise adventure our daily text-a-thons have turned to the subject of packing. We are so – completely – excited to share our “essentials” list for a proper getaway to a warmer climate this Winter. Join us, will you?

1. A proper hat. Jacinda says: A packable straw hat not only blocks the sun but keeps fly-about hair under control and adds a bit of 1920’s seaside style to your cruise wardrobe.

2. Your favorite sunglasses. Jacinda says: They don’t have to be fancy, they just have to be comfortable, unscratched, and fabulous. I recently splurged on aviators in my prescription and I don’t know how I lived without them.

3. Bohemian maxi dress. Amanda Says: You can take a maxi dress from day to night with a chic bohemian flare.

4. Some nautical flair. Jacinda says: Where better to get your preppy nautical fix than out to sea? This boat neck T works with everything from a swimsuit to dressy evening pants.

5. Jorts of sorts. Jacinda says: My love of jorts, or jean shorts, has become a bit legendary among my family and friends. Perhaps I abuse this casual standby but they are my go-to when I don’t want to think too hard about what to wear with almost any top. And I definitely don’t want to think too hard on this trip.

Read on for all of our packing picks for a tropical getaway…

6. Comfy sandals. Jacinda says: 2014 has not been a good year for my feet. Aside from my tennis shoes, the only footwear that I can bear is Birkenstocks. Lucky for me, they are having a moment in the sun right now. This gold pair would work with everything from a swimsuit to a sundress.

7. White after Labor Day. Amanda says: You can wear these comfy pants on the plane and then on the beach with your bikini top! They tell everyone… I’M TRAVELING WITHOUT CHILDREN!!!

8. Versatile peplum top. Amanda says: Pair it with your linen pants, a jean skirt or summer shorts. A little peplum top lets you indulge in the buffet AND 24-hour room service.

9. A large lightweight scarf. Jacinda says: Tie one on… your bag, your head, your neck, your booty. And then tie one on… as in several Dark n’ Stormy’s

10. A suit with a little somethin’. Jacinda says: You’re not at the neighborhood pool so shop for a suit that makes you feel a little sexy. This highly-rated plunging number flatters, with great coverage and a daring dip. Yes, it also comes in black.

11. Monochromatic beach cover-up. Amanda says: As a wise woman once said, all you need to have a bikini body is a bikini. With that said, if a shirt is required, cover up that itsy-bitsy with this cool blue slouchy number.

12. Thermal spa water. Amanda says: Just in case the ocean breeze isn’t keeping you refreshed, cool down with a little fortified mist when sitting by the pool.

13. Versatile statement earrings. Jacinda says: Pick jewelry that can go from day to night. I love that these earrings are edgy enough for casual but bold enough for evening, plus the multi-tone metal means they go with anything.

14. Chocolate bronzer. Amanda says: It gives you a nice glow and smells like a yummy chocolate dessert on your face, as opposed to the unlimited dessert that we will be putting in our face.

15. A cute clutch. Amanda says: This water-resistant cutie keeps your gear safe in adorable style.

16. Your fav beach hair product. Amanda says: Since a flat iron is out of the question for us curly haired sisters by the sea, let’s embrace the fro and just go with the flow. Vacation is the perfect time to let your hair do what it does best.

17. A perfect twisty hair bow. Jacinda says: A flirty twist scarf is nothing but adorable whether wrapped around your top knot on a catamaran excursion or tied around your bed head for a morning coffee run. Jaime and I wore a matching pair at Alt Summit in Park City last year, and looked pretty darn cute if I do say so.

18. Sentimental necklaceAmanda says: Made in your own handwriting cut from acrylic, wear your nickname, your pet’s name, or even your drink order (Champagne, please!) for a cute conversation piece.

19. The perfect tote. Amanda says:  Lightweight. check. Large size. check. Shoulder straps. check. Great style. check.

20. Travel Wallet. Jacinda says: Although I carry this wallet every day, it comes in most handy when traveling. With room for a passport, and all travel documents, it keeps everything important buttoned up.

21. Reading materials. Jacinda says: Stock up on a few new books and magazines before you go. I’ll be diving into Lena Dunham’s new book and downloading the latest ipad issues of all my favorite magazines from Next Issue.

22. Workout clothes. Jacinda says: While I’m not willing to commit to sessions with a trainer (or am I? hmm) I will definitely drop in on Pilates and yoga on the ship. Ok, at the very least, I will wear adorable workout gear to breakfast.

23. Music. Amanda says: Pick up some cute headphones and spend a few hours making playlists for everything from pool to getting ready for girls’ night out. You will always think of your fabulous vacation when later you hear those songs.

24. Camera. Jacinda says: For many people, their phone is enough but I love that this Polaroid not only pumps out instant prints but is also a digital camera. This way you can hand the print to a new friend but still hang on to the original.

25. A hobby or project. Jacinda says: A cruise is perfect for relaxation and fun but I also love to use some down time on vacation to do something inspiring. For me that means painting and sketching. A small Notebook and some colored pens are all I need to get my creativity going.

Now back to our meticulous packing plans. We are so excited to set sail this weekend!

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Carnival. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.



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