5 Mason Jar Accessories I’m Obsessed With (All Under $10)

The humble mason jar has become the star of the DIY world, but we aren’t sick of them yet. Here’s five really cool accessories I’ve bought for my mason jars as of late and find I use all the time. From solar powered lid lamps to silicone drinking spouts, there are all sorts of accessories for under that will make your stash of mason jars that much more useful (and adorable). Find out what they are and where to buy them after the jump…

Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars
blue ball mason jars
They are Pretty Prudent blue! I don’t like them for actual canning or jams and jellies (i prefer clear glass), but for every other use, this bright color is so fun! $12.04 for a set of six on Amazon.

Mason Jar Solar Lid-light
mason jar solar lid
Ok, these are freaking amazing. It is a lid you screw onto your mason jar (fits any regular non wide-mouth jar), then you leave the jar in the sun all day to charge. At night, the lid senses it is dark and an LED light on the underside goes on, lighting up your jar. The jar is a little portable lamp you can carry around with you! And the light it lets off is really beautiful. I like using it with my blue mason jars. Scarlet also likes to take it into her room at night, she says it makes a “spiderweb” on the ceiling. $10.99 each on Amazon.

Cuppow Drinking Lid
mason jar drinking spout
This is a simple BPA-free plastic lid that turns your mason jar into a drinking cup that can travel. You remove the lid from the jar, place the Cuppow on top, then screw the jar’s original ring back on. You can even fit a straw in the hole. I love this thing and carry it around everywhere. Scarlet always tries to steal it from me, and I let her, because she is less clumsy even than I. $9.18 on Amazon.

Mason Jar Flower Frog
mason jar frog lid
A flower frog is a device that helps with arranging flowers. In this case, you just toss your regular mason jar lid and replace with the flower frog. Now you can stuff flowers into the grid and they will look perfectly arranged – letting you use less flowers to make a full arrangement. $6.99 on Amazon.

Jarden Home Brands Elite Collection 8 oz Canning Jars
Elite Collection canning jars
I love these jars because I am currently obsessed with jam and jelly making. These jars are just a fancy shape, 8 ounces fit into a low, flat shape, perfect for scooping out my bacon-garlic jam with a knife to spread on crackers. $8.86 for four on Amazon.

So those are my five favorite Mason Jar Accessories as of today. Do you know of any others I simply must check out?
Mason Jar Frog




I love the plastic mason jar lids that you can buy separately wherever you buy your jars etc. I found myself some lovely diamond patterned 10 ounce mason jars that I put these plastic lids on; voila! spice jars that actually hold a whole packet of spice! Plus these plastic lids can be used any time a snap lid is not necessary.


I’ve been wanting to get my mitts on a Cuppow, but just haven’t yet. They
re sold at a local coffee shop so it’s as easy as getting a cup of coffee, but I just haven’t. I love all of these, though! Good choices!


I saw the blue jars at Target. I believe they were $10.99 for six. Also, you can make light tops using inexpensive solar landscape lights. Screw off the stake and attach the light portion with glue or Velcro to a mason jar ring. You can also make a frog top with a mason jar ring, wire and metal glue, such as E6000.


Love all of these ideas. I have been wanting to use my jars as soap dispensers:) but having a hard time finding suitable soap pumps! Been everywhere looking! Suggestions???


The mason jar company sells recap lids that allow you to use the jars for a multitude of purposes. The flip-top lids come in various colors for both regular and wide mouth jars. They also have a lid with a pump so you can turn your jars into soap or lotion dispensers. You can see all of their repurposing products at masonjars.com.


I like the idea of the hole punched in the lid, the rubber gasket inserted, then a reusable straw placed in the gasket. I know you can DIY, but I’ve been eyeing some on Etsy…we’ll see if I actually get some!

Minerva's Hand

For those of you who want to make the mason jar tumbler lids – there’s an even easier way that I made mine…buy the BPA-free white plastic lids (Ball makes them and Walmart even has their own line!) and drill a hole in the top for your straw (stainless or silicone, please! ;-)). No messing with a punch (it’s hard to find the 1/4″ crop-a-dile!), drilling into metal (who wants microscopic pieces of metal to find their way into the drink?), or non-food grade rubber. Plus, the original sealing lid still fits on the jar under the lid, so you can use it to “seal” your drink in your jar on the way to a picnic. Yes, I know, it’s plastic, but the lid isn’t touching your drink; and most of those metal canning lids are coated with BPA anyways (yet another reason not to drill holes in them).

Vickie Meinen

I know I’ a little late to this party, but if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, they have the “frog” insert for flowers. You still need the screw on ring part. They also have cut out daisy in metal lids that a straw fits in the middle perfectly. There are at least 4 frogs or daisies to a pack for less than $5.

Walmart carries the ball flat jars for your jam. They also come in that shape – 16 oz size. (I made some adorable sewing kits from Pintrest with those!)

And I see you have the Factorydirectcraft.com connection on your side bar for the soap dispenser lids.


Have you stumbled upon an silicon bands for the mason jar? I love my cuppow, but the bands keep rusting out from daily washing. Would love a eco-friendlier solution than constant replacement…


I love that you can transform a regular ol’ Mason jar into so many things with the right accessories!


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