6 Little Things that Go A Long Way… from Pro Stylists!

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring this post and creating products that make life simpler. They are truly little things that go a long way!
Pretty Prudent HomeJaime and I are knee deep in a four day photoshoot for Pretty Prudent Home! It’s fast-paced business but that’s the way we both like to work so we are in the zone. In fact, I have to get back to styling some shots in a few minutes but I wanted to jump on and share some of the little tips we have learned from the amazing crew of stylists and photographers we are working with this week. Inspired by the simplicity and convenience of Tide Pods – the handiest laundry detergent packets ever. You can pick up a pack from Target, toss one into your load of laundry, and be on your way. Doesn’t get much easier than that. We asked the ladies for a quick tip for the home, entertaining, and life in general that can make things a little easier, more beautiful, and more stylish. Just like a photoshoot, life as a mom can be stressful and fast-paced and also beautiful and gratifying and it never hurts to have a few little things go a long way, not just in laundry but in all parts of life!

#1: When pouring a beverage from one container to another, run the liquid against a skewer and it will neatly pour down the center, without splashing.
photo 2

#2. Keep a solid collection of white tableware, serving bowls and platters on hand. They will work for every season, every party theme, and can be changed up by varying linens and flowers.
photo 3

#3. Submerge wilted herbs in ice water to revive them to their former fresh glory.
photo 2-1

4. Use a damp paintbrush to clean up messy frosting from the edge of your cake plate.
photo 3-1

#5. Make a baby laugh for a photo by faking a sneeze. Babies think sneezes are hilarious.
photo 4

#6. Keep a small kit of emergency products like baby wipes, pins, stain remover and nail scissors ready to go for long days of work or fun.
photo 1-1

Thanks ladies for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. We promise we won’t give away all your secrets.

What little things do you do that go a long way? Check out our tutorial for The Easiest Laundry Basket Liner DIY and leave a comment in the comments section there to enter for the chance to win a $300 Target Gift Card in the “Little Bit Goes a Long Way” Sweepstakes.

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