A Birthday to Remember: How to Make A Tissue Paper Birthday Number Sign

Let’s make a simple and beautiful tissue paper birthday number sign to decorate any party. So gather your materials: Tissue paper (we went with one of our fave color wheel picks, mint green); an artist canvas; some fabric; a staple gun; and a hot glue gun. Now watch the video above and follow along. In under an hour, you’ll be on your way to a birthday to remember with your own beautiful handmade number sign to decorate your party and last all year long.

Lance Crackers is celebrating their 100th birthday (100 years of delicious peanut butter sandwich crackers!) and asked me to help create a birthday to remember with this simple, beautiful tissue paper number sign for your front door, the snack table, or as a centerpiece to your party decor.

Even after the party is over, it makes a pretty decoration you can display until next year! Scarlet insisted we hang hers in her room.

I also made one for Lance Cracker’s 100th Birthday. Maybe I can use it again when I turn 100, 65 years from now (fingers crossed)!

Here is the original tissue paper number Jacinda created for Clare’s amazing bug themed third birthday party. I love her color choices!
Tissue Paper Number Tutorial

Thank you to Lance Crackers for sponsoring this post. Visit Happy100Lance.com for more fun birthday ideas and a chance to win a $100,000 birthday party!




I love this idea and since I teach elementary school this would be a great craft to do for any occasion or decoration!

Mary M

That is such a cute idea and a wonderful keepsake for the birthday girl or boy. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!


Great idea. Perfect to add loads of color and “cool” to a party theme.


This is so CUTE! Thinking madly of ways I can tweak it to do with my girl scout troop.


I love this idea! My father’s 70th is coming up and I’m looking for special ways to decorate for his big bash. This will be perfect.


I love how detailed your tutorials are and the visuals are great. This is going to be the next project for my daughter. LOVE tissue paper crafts.


Love this and your tutorial is so easy to follow. I just put my boys in a room together and I think I’m going to use this idea, but with their initials. So fun, can’t wait!


So easy and so cute! I could see using this to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, a housewarming (numbers of your new address), the 4th of July with a big red, white and blue “4!” So many ways to customize it.


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I am halfway through this project now. I was having trouble with the tissue paper part, every time I opened my flower it was chopped in half 🙂 so now that I have watched the VERY detailed and helpful video again I should be good to go. I am making a letter instead of a number since it is for a baby shower!


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