A Day at the Arboretum

On of my goals for 2012 is to improve my photography and truly learn how to use my camera. Last month I was inspired by a great article from Clickin’ Moms about tips for successfully photographing kids. Since that post, I’ve been gathering a wealth of valuable information which has greatly influenced the technical side of my shooting and also my processing/retouching of images. I’ve discovered Action Sets, some that you can even find for free on the Clickin Moms boards.

I love how the 1.8mm f-stop creates bokeh (blurred background) in these photos. they almost look like paintings.

Every morning I look at this head of curls and tell myself that I need a good picture to always remember them like this.

Read on for more photos and a free trial membership offer!

I love this photo of Clare on the Monet bridge but wish that I had used a narrower aperture so that the flowers in the foreground were also in focus.

Did you notice that the girls have on pretty dresses and the boy has camo shorts and an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt? pool little dude.

I also found a great tip on the Clickin Moms blog. Tell your kid to look out the window and quickly snap a shot when that dramatic light hits their gorgeous little face. Clare is too smart for my “look at the birdie” but I still love how that light is hitting her shoulder and dress here.

Then I had a eureka moment and walked around to the window outside. gotcha pretty girl!

Someday I will get all three looking at the camera. I still love this sweet relaxed moment.

I also love my boy setting the table. Go Gordon!

You can try to sneak out the window of the sod house little boy but there is no escaping mom’s camera.

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This post and Jacinda’s rad new photog skills brought to you by Clickin Moms.




JC, Griffin and I are loving your pics. Remember how he so loves Claire and “can’t believe how big she is getting.” Spoken like an adult. Your photography is inspiring, your kids are beautiful. I have the photog equip, just need mad skills so will check out clickin’ moms for sure. Thanks! xo


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