A Great Start to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Season

I had the amazing luck to be invited by Kellogg’s to New York for the launch of their 100 day countdown to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. At breakfast, I met Kristi Yamaguchi! I will never forget watching her win the gold in 1992, I was totally starstruck.

But even before that, I was totally stoked because when I arrived to my hotel, there was a box of pop tarts with my picture on it. You know you’ve made it when you’re on pop-tarts 😉

When I posted this picture on my instagram and facebook, y’all got very excited. Did you know you can order your own personalized pop tarts? Yes, you can! Right here. You can also get your face on various cereals. I know, amazing right?

So, after we met the athletes on Team Kellogg’s, we had a lovely afternoon in the city before heading to Rockefeller Center, where we were expected to put on ice skates and skate with Kellogg team USA members, 2010 Olympic Silver medalists/2010 gold hopefuls Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

Anyone who knows me knows I am clumsy, but I threw on those ice skates…

…and Charlie held me up while I pretended I knew how to ice dance. He is so charismatic and talented!

It was so amazing to be in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza on the ice… a truly magical experience. From there we walked out for a delicious Italian meal. In the morning, we woke up and headed out to cooking school to prepare our own brunch. I worked on a delicious spinach and feta side dish with a cornflake crust, while my friends pictured here, Fred of Mocha Dad and Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy prepared adorable chicken ‘n waffle appetizers using eggo minis.

It was a delicious meal. Then I played with my food 🙂

In the afternoon we headed to Times Square, where the US Olympic Committee was celebrating the #roadtosochi with a 100-day-out celebration that included an ice rink, luge, and this giant mountain of snow on which Kellogg’s Team USA member Torin Yater-Wallace showed off his freeskiing skills. He’s only 17! He’s amazing!

I had major USA pride standing in Times Square celebrating the best athletes in our nation. I can’t wait to sit on my couch for two straight weeks watching them. HA! Thank you Kellogg’s for inviting me to this wonderful event. Go Team USA!

Next week I will be sharing more about the amazing and inspiring athletes of Kellogg’s Team USA and how they got their great starts (their parents are so cute!), but you can meet the whole team right now here: Kellogg’s Team USA. But what I really want you to know is that everytime you tweet or instagram with the hashtag #greatstarts, Kellogg’s will donate a breakfast to a child in need. Every child deserves a great start!


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