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I am so proud and humbled to share with you the cover of my book Prudent Advice and to let you know it is now available for pre-order. Thank you to everyone who has read and contributed to this endeavor. I hope it lives up to your expectations, and does our daughters justice.

Prudent Advice:
Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman)

Now available for pre-order:
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Congratulations! You must feel wonderful 🙂 I found prudentbaby.com b/c I loved the Prudent Advice site.


thank you all. and jessica i have been keeping a running list of Bad Advice for My Baby Daughter so the sexy face tute will def. be added


ooooooh…that's a great idea- we'll write another book that is the antithesis of this one.

more examples:
1. get a tramp stamp as soon as you turn 18.
2. those clear bra straps totally make it ok to wear that revealing top.
3. You can learn so much at frat parties.
4. Brownies will always make you feel better about yourself.
5. Don't fool yourself- Halloween IS a good excuse to dress as a naughty nurse/pirate/cowgirl.
6. VH1 will teach you all you need to know about love.

….I could go on. this is going to be easy!


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