A Random Assortment of Good Things I Bought One Week After Moving Into My New House

We finally moved in to our new house. I can’t stand being surrounded by boxes so I worked overtime to unpack and get settled. Then I started buying stuff.

This I bought in Kauai right before we moved, it was so cute and I love it on Scarlet’s bed as she looks out to the pool. I got in Kapaa at the adorable shop Shipwrecked Kauai, but you can snag one at their online shop.

Scarlet’s room has a ton of closet space, but her laundry basket doesn’t quite fit inside, so I wanted a pretty one to match her decor, which is of course Pink. This graphic printed large basket did the trick, West Elm. I also got the oversized version to hold all of her dress up clothes, which sits next to her bed.

This house has a lot of green going on. So I wasn’t feeling the blue pillow cover I had on a floor pillow in the living room. So I picked up a Commune Temoayan Pillow Cover in Ivory from West Elm.

I also thought this would be a good time to update the pillow covers on my couch. I got two of these 18″ Roar + Rabbit Graphic Puzzle Pillow Covers from West Elm and one 23″ X-base pillow from CB2.

There is a door in the hallway that is rather unecessary, but I am not sure that I want to remove it yet, and it keeps closing on it’s own, which is really a great excuse to buy a doorstop. I went with the geo doorstop from West Elm.

We are spending a ton of time outside, so I needed to get a patio umbrella right away. We splurged on this 9′ eucalyptus and sunbrella one from Crate and Barrel.

We have a pool now, which means we need pool towels. We splurged on these oversize spa towels from Pendleton in Los Ojos and Spider Rock. They are so luxurious.

And also for the pool, we had to get a donut(48″ diameter), a pretzel, a pineapplepineapple, and my friend Erin gave me my beloved swan, all from Amazon.

I also bought a toaster oven, because I love toast, and a new vacuumbecause this house has carpet. Oh, and Scarlet used her saved up allowance to buy a claw machine. That’s been fun and not loud or annoying at all.

Now to stop buying random things and plan each room carefully. Wish me luck!


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