A Scavenger Hunt on Ice

I’m so excited to share with y’all that I’ve launched a new video series with DailyCandy Kids. I’ll be sharing fun crafts, DIYs, and activities to do with your littles throughout the year. For our first adventure, we made dad the coolest Father’s Day gift on the block – a scavenger hunt on ice.

It’s simple, sweet, and a totally fun way to celebrate dad’s big day. Looks a little mysterious right? I suspect you’re gonna like the idea, so be sure to head over to DailyCandy Kids to see my family (and our family BFFs, the Baxters) show you what it’s all about. Check out the video here: DailyCandy Kids: The Coolest Father’s Day on the Block.

And can we give my husband some props for letting me point my camera at him so often? Love that guy. #1 Dad!



Cindy C

Absolutely adorable girls and dads, cutest idea ever for Father’s Day.


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