A Treatise On Beach Cover Ups

A Treatise on Beach Cover UpsHere is what makes a good beach/pool cover-up IMHO:
1. It covers my belly so I can eat fried conch fritters without actually visually observing my stomach expanding.
2. It packs up small, so it’s easy to lug around. This is why I am not interested in terry cloth cover ups. I don’t want to carry ten pounds of wet towel with me ever. I’m supposed to be relaxing, not feeling like I’m doing laundry.
3. It dries quickly. That sexy wet boob and booty-zone where your cover up sticks to your bathing suit and it looks like you peed in your pants? Pass.
4. It is relatively cute. I don’t need to look like I’m at coachella or anything, but I don’t want to stray too far into Mrs. Roper territory either.

Also, I worked in a bathing suit store, many moons ago (many pounds ago?) so I have some experience with these things. Check out my picks for the best beach cover ups after the jump…

My absolute most fave is this kaftan from Rose & Rose. I wore it all over Tulum a few months ago, and am wearing it currently as I write this on the beach in Mahe, Seychelles. It’s super lightweight, packs up tiny, feels amazing in the humid weather, and is just the right length. I love this thing. It’s by Rose and Rose.

I love gauze. It feels great in humid climates and it’s so pretty. This one will show the back of your swimsuit, and I feel like showing my back is something I’m okay with. This is the Daydreamer Playdress from Vitamin A, it also comes in black which can be more forgiving.

I also love rompers, all the time. I’m all about one-piece dressing. This Solana Romper from Vitamin A is crazy comfortable, but its quite short in the booty area, like shorter then it looks here. But so comfy.

My husband suprised me with a gift of this dress and I love it! It’s not a beach cover up, however, when I wore it my daughter said it looked like I was wearing a robe. She actually said: “Mom, are we going to a pool?” I said, “No, why?” and she replied that I looked like I was dressed in a pool robe. So, I packed this dress along with me to the island, and it really is great for throwing on over your suit and sitting down for a nice meal. I still wear it out though, cause I love it. Wrap midi dress in Linn stripe from Madewell. Madewell Linn Stripe Midi Dress

Melissa Obadash makes some luxurious stuff for the beach, it’s all quite gorgeous but some of it feels like a lot to have on, lots of details and lace, a bit fussy for me. But some of it is just right, like this Amber Bandeau dress. Great for if you are staying somewhere luxurious and want to look super put together while drinking cocktails by the infinity pool.

I totally love tie die, and where better to wear it then by the pool? Like seriously, you can’t wear tie dye to work. This romper is lightweight and comfy and perfect if you are curvy in the chestal-region, for showing off your assets. Surf Gypsy tie dye romper from ASOS.

This one may seem a little boring, but I wear it constantly. IT HAS POCKETS. Also, it’s made of some strange material that feels almost like swimsuit material – it dries so fast. I love it. Jordan TaylorBlack Quintessential Surplice Tunic from Canyon Beachwear.

Would wear this 24 hours a day. Akasa Ombre low back beach dress from ASOS.

I like to have a beach maxi. It’s great for when your legs are feeling like they are getting burned and something about a long dress makes you look more “done” when it’s time to mosey on over to the restaurant. This one is fab. Monki Lace Beach Dress from ASOS.

Well now that I have shared my deep thoughts on beach cover ups, I think I will walk from my current seat out to this here beach. XO Avani Resort Seychelles


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