A Trip to the Farm

One of my favorite days during our trip home was a visit to Sweet Berry Farm, a Pick-Your-Own orchard and farm in Middletown, RI. It was just one of those afternoons that I think I will remember forever. Know what I mean? We ate a beautiful casual lunch in their little cafe and then headed out to the fields.

Click here to see more pics and what we made with our bounty!

First to the peaches, where we loaded up a 10 lb bag and sampled “a few” in the process. The fruit was just gorgeous on the trees.

Quinn was in charge of quality control. Nice hair Quinn.

Then when we had our fill, we headed to the blueberry bushes. Clare had been talking about blueberry picking all Summer after watching Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends so this was a big deal for her. She had so much fun picking and eating. Quinn and cousin Juliette got in on the action too!

So, may I suggest adding some Pick-Your-Own to your schedule before Summer is over? Depending on where you live, peaches, blackberries and blueberries are still hanging on. But if you’ve missed them, no worries, gorgeous plums, apples and pears are right around the corner.

If, like most of us, you are accustomed to buying your fruit at the local grocery, the prices might shock a bit. But as my wise Sister-In-Law said… You pay for the experience (and the fruit you eat while you are out there). It’s so important to show your kids from where their food comes. So if you never got around to planting an amazing garden like Jaime’s, this is the way to go.

When we got home, I made some delicious blueberry scones.

I also made some peach scones but they were missing something, maybe a glaze would have helped? Or some cinnamon?

Then we whipped up a Fresh Fruit Pie with both peaches and blueberries. HEAVENLY. That disappeared slice by slice with a dollop of whipped cream before I could snap one photo.

Hope you are savoring your last days of Summer!

And don’t forget to leave a comment on any post this week and maybe you will win the adorable Cotton Candy Paper baking cups from Bake it Pretty pictured at the left. They would be perfect for some delicious blueberry muffins! 

Did you do any Pick-Your-Own this Summer? Or are you saving that activity for the apples and pumpkins of Fall? Or tell me how I might have saved the peach scones!




So, fun! I think I picked about 15lbs of blueberries this year. I went to 3 different places and the 3rd was much cheaper than the grocery store $1.10/lb!


Looks like lots of fun. We went to an orchard this earlier this month and enjoyed some good ole homemade peach ice cream while there. While the cost is somewhat surprising, I love knowing I am supporting a farmer in providing such healthy, yummy things.
Big question—where did you get those cute "Howdy Yall" shirts?? They are so cute and I think my daughter night need one. πŸ™‚


I love fresh fruit! My Grandmother-in-law has several blueberry bushes and she lets us go load up on berries each summer. We freeze some, and make jam out of some too. Then I like to read Blueberries for Sal, which is a cute book about a mother and daughter blueberry picking to make jam, and the illustrations are awesome. My son can relate to the story since we just did the same thing, minus the bears. Fun and educational – can't beat that πŸ™‚


Hey Kimberly!
They are from Bleubird Vintage. I picked them up at Renegade Craft Fair in Austin. She just had a baby so it looks like her shop might be closed at the moment but if you are really interested, you should shoot her an email. I'm sure she would love to hear from you!



This makes me wish I liked fruit. I know it's odd… but I cannot down a blueberry. Still, the picking part seems like pure joy!


There is nothing better than fresh fruit. My parents have peach trees but we picked way earlier in the season (in Okla.). I made some peach bread and like your scones, they were missing something. We've been getting blueberries for really good prices in our grocery store so my kids have been eating them out of the carton as fast as I can buy them.


I am so jealous of your trip! You would think in the middle of agriculture country, i.e. Nebraska, we would have more little farms and such. Nope, vast cornfields and soybeans as far as the eye can see, nothing great about that! Sorry just had to vent that!


I am originally from Newport RI. I was just there last week. I miss it terribly. We are stationed in Northwest Florida with the Air Force and there is nothing "farmy" to be found. My kids are missing out (me too!)…boo hoo!


We picked blueberries this summer just so I could justify spending $9.50 on THE BEST pancake mix from Williams-Sonoma! Blueberry pancakes are the best when you picked your own fruit!


I love reading your blogs, now that travelling is not possible that much where I live, so I like to sit in the garden with the kids and they enjoy watering the plants and watching the greenery. But I always make sure to use a natural mosquito repellent on them as a preventive measure for their safety. I use the one by the moms co. and it’s so effective. Love it!


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