A Weekend at the Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary

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We were recently invited to check out the Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, which is the largest animal sanctuary in the country. Unfortunately, Jaime and Jacinda couldn’t go, so I had to take on the hardship of playing with puppies, kittens, goats, and piggies all weekend long in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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(I tried so hard to sneak him into my bag to bring home!)

Right before I went I was told by a friend, “you are literally going to Heaven on Earth.” She was right. It only took a second for me to notice the incredible beauty of this place and the remarkable people behind it. To top it off, almost every animal you fall in love with here you can adopt and bring home with you.

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The Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary is a refuge for nearly 2,000 homeless animals that have been brought here for various reasons. Staff and volunteers work to help rehabilitate these animals so that they can eventually find loving homes.

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Check out more about our trip to the Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary and find out how you can become a volunteer after the jump…

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The sanctuary is located in Angel Canyon about five miles north of Kanab, Utah.  If you become a volunteer I highly recommend starting your day with a morning hike to explore the grounds. You can also bring one of the pups at the sanctuary with you.

Keep your eyes out for petroglyphs on the rocks!

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There are many different areas you can volunteer within the Sanctuary. Let’s start with Dogtown

Play with the puppies, take one of the older dogs for a walk, or do a little of both. The staff is always looking for new volunteers to come and help them spread the love to these friendly canines. The hardest part is trying not to bring them all home.

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Next, lend a helping hand to Cat World, Bunny House, and Parrot Garden. I volunteered in Cat World and played with kittens and even took a cat on a walk. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Best Friends - 3

Parrot Garden was lively to say the least, with parrots literally asking you how your day is going. Put your craftiness to the test and spend some time making new toys for these energetic birds.

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If you have a soft spot for farm animals, check out Horse Haven, Billy the goat, and Piggy Paradise.

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Many of the pigs brought here were sold as “teacup pigs,” but ended up not being so teacup in size. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little more to love, right?

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One of the most touching moments of the trip was when I visited Angels Rest and Angels Overlook. This is a peaceful resting place for many of the animals from the Sanctuary, as well as furry companions of the Best Friends staff and members. When you walk through the gates you are immediately greeted by the ringing of hundreds of wind chimes dancing in the breeze.

Walk along the meditation labyrinth to see beautifully decorated plaques for these beloved pets, including a headstone for all those animals lost in Hurricane Katrina. The founders of Best Friends Animal Society created Angels Rest to be a place where we can reflect and celebrate the unconditional bond between humans and animals.

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If you can’t make it to the Sanctuary, you can still make a big difference by learning how to save them all in your own community. Learn about the No Kill Mission and how to take action, you might even want to consider adopting a new furry member of the family.

We’d love to hear your animal rescue stories! Leave a comment below or you can share them with us on our Facebook page and Twitter. You can also share a photo by using #PrettyPrudent #SaveThemAll on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Well you all know about my three furry buddies rescued from a Louisiana ditch!
Save them All!


I absolutely love Best Friends! I worked with them during the time of Henry’s Law, but never had the opportunity to go visit the sanctuary. Both my dogs are rescued strays. I definitely believe in adoption. XOXO


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