Alice Mania

I’m sure that y’all are loving the amazing Alice in Wonderland themed creativity that is flying around the web right now. Maybe you’ve seen it on a few little sites like here, and here and (one of my fav blogs) here.
One thing you are pretty much guaranteed to find at any “Alice” party is some kind of “EAT ME” emblazoned sweet treat. Here is our own version that “we” made for a Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower thrown by our friend Erin. And by “we,” I mean “me”… plus Jaime, keeping me company, sitting on her counter, taste-testing and drinking Champagne.

Read more about the party details on Erin’s fabulous new blog.

 Quick tip: If you are about to dive into decorating cookies with royal icing, it’s a great idea to do a sketch! It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it’s not set in stone, it just helps to have a plan of attack.

And those gorgeous fluted square cookie cutters can be found here. They are pricey but offer the largest size of any of the sets, are beautifully made and have both a fluted and straight side.




really, "sampling"?? try BEGGING and secretly wishing you would mess one up so i could have it! they were so pretty it was hard to eat them. no, i'm lying it was so easy


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