All New Clean & Printable DIYs!

We went ahead and did some fancy-schmancy coding to our site so you can now PRINT OUT our DIYs without all sorts of unnecessary web-pagey stuff AND save a few trees in the process.  Here’s a preview of what a post now looks like when you hit print:

See, no more sidebars and pictures of me and JC (I know, you’re sad, right?). Also, at the bottom of each full DIY post page there is now a link to “PRINT THIS POST” right under the comments link.  Click that and you’ll get an instant, clutter-free print out!  Here’s what it looks like:
Enjoy!  Oh, and if you want a link to the perennial favorite DIY featured in the pics, it’s right here: Jacinda’s Hooded Baby Towel.




jaime it involved some html coding but it wasnt too bad. email me using the contact form up there to the left and i can send you the link to the code!


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