All the nooks in Texas

Last week, while the girls and I were snowed in, I went around the house taking pictures of the nooks. Funny thing here in Texas, they like to put LOTS of nooks in houses. I imaging this would be pretty fun for people who collect. “Where could I possibly put my collection of adorable blue vintage instant cameras? Why, here is the perfect nook!” Nope, I have no adorable collections. So here I am, trying to find beautiful objects to fill the nooks. Tall skinny objects. As you can see, I’ve mostly settled on simple white ceramics and weird dried fronds. I like the look but the are a bit generic, a little hotel-ish? People, help me, seriously, I have so many more nooks!! Give me some ideas! I LOVE the Gothic Arrangements that Jaime linked to on Saturday (without even knowing about my nook dilemma,) hmn, what else?

Next up, windows from one room to the next. weird.



Rebecca@This Present Life

As a fellow Texan, I am all too familiar with the Nook! Like Jessica, I was thinking about hanging down from the top. What about small pictures in frames hung from a cute ribbon or fabric? Or what about just lining them with some really bright, fun fabric? Make the fabric be the decoration.


LOVE the fabric idea. you could use starch. do you have the bumpy wal issue in the nooks? cause could be a good excuse for some wallpaper vignettes. maybe even wallpapering some particle board and placing it in the back of the nook if necessary. i want to see some serious nook styling when i get there. you have one month.


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