Apple Fritters Part 2

I made up another bunch of apple fritters this weekend. Just wanted to share with you a quick time saver. Instead of glaze, I dusted some of the fritters with powdered sugar. Those were the first to go. Here I saved one for you:

You’re welcome. Full Apple Fritters Recipe Here.

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Can you stop making such delicious looking things! I'm on vacation and all I want to do while on vacation is get crafty and eat! (No really you can make more)


yum! those look great! might have to surprise hubby with those later this week! he LOVES apple fritters and has been in Amsterdam for work the last week!!


yay for time savers! i just picked up all the ingredients for this over the weekend. just one question though- i am totally crazy and dont know what "tea salt" is, or was it supposed to say sea salt? i really did search everywhere for tea salt! which makes me looney if no such thing exists ha ha! Not like people don't already think I'm already looney at the store with four insane children at my feet!! πŸ™‚


did you really need to post this now? I'm 9 months pregnant, and hungry all the time, but my feet are too swollen to stand in the kitchen for too long! πŸ™‚ if anyone would like to make me some and send them to canada, i'll send you my address. let me know.


Is it weird that I really want to lick my computer monitor now, just in case I can get that delicious fritter?


I've tried your Apple Fritters recipe from your previous post. Make it twice already (minus the sugar glaze) and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thanks for sharing the recipe πŸ™‚


I just tried out this recipe and brought them with me to a group of girls heading to camp. They were gone in 5 minutes delicious! I didn't have any apple sauce so I just pureed an apple and that seemed to work the same


I made them for 4th of July and they were a hit. And probably a slight difference in my batch… the batter did sit for a couple of hours before I actually cooked them so they were a bit more "apple frybread" than fritter, but still good. Also, I just put granulated sugar in a tea ball and dusted them with that… worked like a charm!


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