Applique: The Ultimate Stain-Fighter

When my mama was here for Christmas, she took pity on poor Clare’s favorite dress. You know the one? The one that mysteriously disappears from the hamper and reappears on your kid’s back? It’s covered in soup stains but you can’t quite toss it because she just loves it so? Yup, that’s the one. So Grammie pulled out some fabric scraps, ric-rac and a needle and thread and fixed that little polka-dot number right up. Grammie decided some yo-yo flowers were the way to go and Clare and I could not agree more. Clare is so happy that her dress is allowed in public again!

Did your mama teach you how to make fabric yoyos? Do you need Prudent Grammie to show you the ropes?




Yep. I totally just got some weird bleachy spots on a favorite tee of mine. It is due for some applique. But probably not of the fabric yo-yo variety. My childlike fun side does not go that far back in time.


Tutorial please! As wonderful of a seamstress as my mom is, I’m now convinced there were no embellishments in Utah in the 60s! So my prudent Grammy knows nothing!


fabric yo yos? I’m going to take this moment to remind you that you guys are the ones that taught me how to sew… sooooooooo what the heck are you talking about… lol


Adorable and my messy second child has a few dresses that would love to have some yo-yo flowers to repair their beauty:) But, a tutorial is a must for this lady! Thanks for the awesome idea!


yes! been there and done that myself! thanks for reminding me that I can do this! also, did you make this headband? i so very much need to know how to make one! i love it. and that angelic face!


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