Baby Food Jar Project: Jello Halloween Treats for Baby… and Mommy

Inspired by Jaime’s Specimen Container Project I set out to create an edible version.

Easy DIY (and the alcoholic version) after the jump

I knew that my base would be Jello and was off to find some edible treats to include. I found these awesome gummy eyeballs intended for use in ice cubes so I knew they wouldn’t dissolve in liquid. I also found some gummy brains (both at Target, but not on the website) but didn’t test them out.

What you need:
– Serving containers – in this case Baby Food Jars, Glass Bowls & Martini Glasses
– Pack of Jello
– Halloween gummy candy
– Tape
– Toothpicks

What to do:
1. Make Jello as directed on package
2. Fill containers with Jello mixture
3. The eyeballs float but are top-heavy. Stick a toothpick into the eye and then taped the toothpick to the side of the serving container so the eye is “looking” at you.” *note: only stick the pick in a little bit or it will be hard to remove later.

4. Refrigerate as directed
5. Carefully remove toothpick and tape

For the mommy version, replace 1/4-1/2 of the cold water in the Jello with Vodka (naughty!).
For some reason, the vodka mixture was melting my eyeballs (ha, ha) so I put the martini glasses in the fridge to “set” a bit. Well, I waited to long and the Jello set. No worries, I just scooped a little bit out with a spoon and popped the eyeball into the hole. Then, without thinking, I ate the spoonful of vodka jello at 7AM. yum, I mean oops!

Since the Baby Food Jars come with a lid, you can even send these off to school as a surprise for an older kid. Just remember to include a tiny spoon!




These are a real eyefull! I think I'll bring a bowl of jello with gummy worms and spiders in to work next week!


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