Baby Food Jar Projects: Pin Cushion

Here’s another fun way to recycle a baby food jar and use up some fabric scraps.  I gathered some bits leftover from my pom pom pillow project and threw this together in about five minutes.
Get the how-to after the jump…

1. Cut two approximate circles:
2. Sew them together right sides facing, leaving a little hole for stuffing and turning:
3. Turn right-side out and stuff.  I used batting leftover from Scarlet’s cornices.  Don’t overstuff, leave a little space in there for the next step.
4. Take the opening and fold one side over and hot glue to the edge of your baby food jar lid like so:
5. Pull your fabric down and continue to hot glue it around the edge of the lid (have sips of wine as glue cools):
When you’re done it will look like this:

6. Hot glue a piece of ribbon around the edge:
Insert pins and admire…




hot gluing a magnet to the inside of the lid makes for easy clean up of any that are laying around and can make getting them out of the jar easier too

Pin cushion box

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