Baby Veggies, Hot Dates and Apron Strings: Friday I’m In Love

Random blog we are crushing on: Joy the Baker
Ok, she is a little more famous than random so let’s just say that I’ve fallen in love with her all over again. Her These Things I’ve Learned in Thirty Years post made me nod silently in agreement a dozen times. You know how we appreciate Life Lessons around here. And also cookies, you know how we appreciate cookies as well.

Project we (read: I) wish we (read: I) had posted: Jaime’s How To Turn Any T-shirt into a Sundress.
I mean, how simple and fun is this project? I could barely contain myself. I had to make one the very same day. A few of you have already made one too! Post your photos on Facebook or Pinterest (@prudentbaby) so that we may lavish you with compliments and appreciation.

Funny thing my kid said:
Jacinda to Clare: What are Daddy’s favorite things?
Clare: Popcorn, pretzels, newspapers, laying in bed and “working” on the computer
Jacinda: What are mommy’s favorite things?
Clare: Sewing clothes for us on the sewing machine and making us dinner

Favorite reader comment: We’ve been talking gardens a lot on facebook. In reference to Jaime’s proudly displayed baby artichoke…
Marissa said “it’s cute, even if it does remind me of Audrey from little shop of horrors.” HA!

New fabric on my wish list: The new Houndstooths (teeth?) from Bonnie & Camille Modern Vintage. I wouldn’t kick it out of the sewing room if you know what I’m saying. wink wink.

Pinterest pin you loved the most: This sweet Peacock Tutu tutorial and 30 Things to Do with Sidewalk Chalk were in a tight race.

Place I wish we were headed this weekend: I can’t imagine being anywhere but right here getting ready for a big 5th birthday party this Sunday. Unicorn theme, of course! But I DO wish that Jaime and Scarlet were coming here to celebrate!

Cause which has touched our hearts: Aprons for Haiti is the newest project from Craft Hope. You can read all about it here. Put your passion for sewing to work and you could be giving a woman with a hard life the most beautiful thing she owns. Our fat-quarter apron (with a pocket added) would be perfect! Deadline extended through June 30th.

This thing that I acquired and utterly adore: Dallas Theater Center tickets for next season from the huz! A man willing to commit to 8 plays (including musicals) a year is a rare treasure, I know this. If you need a scheduled date night to make one happen, this is a brilliant solution. Seem pricey? There are affordable options at most theaters and even pay-what-you-can nights.

Know a blog we would definitely fall in love with? A project you really want to guest post? A product you simply must tell us about? Send it over to submissions(at)prudentbaby(dot)com


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