Baby’s Favorite Things Lollipops

I posted about the Circus Party we threw for Scarlet’s first birthday last year, and I’ve been asked about the lollipops. I had so much fun making these, we called them “Scarlet’s Favorite Things Pops”.

I just purchased some whirly lollipops then printed out labels with pictures of her favorite things at the time, including remote controls, toilet paper, dog food…all the stuff she was fascinated with. Designed some little tags and cut them with a craft punch and tied them on with ribbon. They were a hit, you could probably theme them to any kids party and it’s a fun way to make note of what your child is like at that particular age.




I cracked up when I saw the one with toilet paper…my 3 year old often unrolls the entire roll of TP when she sits on the potty….unless I remember to remove it from the bathroom. HA!

Ms. Jasmine

We buy all the toys in the world..but they still want everything elese..Especially the remote.


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