Back-To-School Doesn’t Have To Mean Back-To-Germs

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Oh don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here counting down the days until my last FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. Can you believe Gordon is heading to elementary school? I’m ready, he’s ready, we are going to be OK. Deep breaths. And to help keep Gordon (and all the other sweet babies heading to a big germ-filled elementary school for the first time) on track and in school, our partners at Lysol, who’s disinfecting wipes kill 99.9%* germs, helped us create this fun and informative video about Tips to Help Stay Healthy During Back-To-School.

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Can you guess what they are? Yes, we all need to stay well-rested for healthy immunity, remember to avoid touching our nose and mouth, and to stay home if we DO get sick but here are three more important ways to help avoid catching a cold and/or the flu this Back-To-School season. Hope you enjoy it and stay healthy my friends!

* When used as directed

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Thank god for back to school. The only downfall is all the germs that come home. Kindergarten seemed to be the worst. Thanks for the quick tutorial. Always good to have a refresher.


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