Beautiful Tulum in Three Days

Be Tulum BeachOh Mexico. Let us all close our eyes and place ourselves on a beautiful beach in Mexico for a moment. I feel like I blinked a few weeks ago and I was there and then gone.
Tulum Coqui Coqui Hammock When I close my eyes, I picture so many perfect places to rest my head.
Tulum Be Tulum peacock chair

My friend Erin and I have a long history of making grand vacation plans and then something terrible happening the day before we are supposed to go. Last summer we had planed a magical week together in Scandinavia (Denmark, which I ended up going to later in the year by myself), but then my mother got sick. Erin went alone, and I went into an intimate family spiral of illness and death, with her support from afar. After the dust settled, we made a new plan to spend a long weekend in Santa Fe (with Jacinda). I got on the plane and left LAX, and she was to meet us later that night. Then a hurricane hit and all flights were cancelled, so she never made it. We decided to schedule a trip just for the two of us and nothing would stand in our way. We went to Tulum.
Tulum Biking If you need some quiet time with someone you love, try to make your way to Tulum (take a flight into Cancun and a two hour drive to Tulum), then settle in for some uncommon peaceful beauty, like this…

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Sunrise on the beach from our hotel, Be Tulum Tulum Sunrise The walk through the jungle from our room Tulum Be Tulum jungle to the beach Tulum Be Tulum beach Grab a watermelon mojito from the cocktail hut Tulum Be Tulum Cocktail Hut and relax by the ifinity pool. Tulum Be Tulum pool stop at Coqui Coqui for some beautiful vignettes Tulum Coqui Coqui Vignette Tulum Coqui Coqui ChairsTulum Coqui Coqui Stairs captivating perfumes Tulum Coqui Coqui Perfumes and nopales ceviche. Tulum Cactus ceviche On your walk or bike down the main drag, stop at La Tente Rose and select a dry pink wine from a tire Le Tente Rose Tulum to tote back to your hotel. Tulum Wine
At some point, grab a cab and take a ten minute drive to Gran Cenote for a most unique swim you will never experience anywhere else. Tulum Gran Cenote Swim alongside some sweet little turtles. Tulum Gran Cenote Turtle Don’t miss the best tacos ever at Taqueria La Eufemia Tulum Taqueria La Eufemia But mostly, enjoy the tranquility, who knows how long Tulum will stay as peaceful as it is. Tulum Be Tulum Palm Tree



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