Bless her heart: Jaime Asks Locals to Share Their Fave “Southernisms”

This Whatever Wednesday Jaime (bless her heart) acted the fool, asking everyone in Nashville’s Barista Parlor coffee spot to share their favorite “Southernism.” I think these Southern turns of phrase will charm y’all. Got any favorite “southernism” we missed? Share it in the comments or send a video response on our youtube channel! Subscribe and tune in every week for new episodes of Whatever Wednesday with Jaime and Texas Tuesday with Jacinda (who, btw, needs your help picking new glasses. Tell her which are your favorites here.




Erin Cross

My favorites are from my grandparents and great grandparents: down yonder… thisa way… thata way… oh shoot… that ain’t nothin… lemme fix you a plate… I’s fixin to…


“I’m fixing to tell you what; I’m fixing to tan your hide; you’ll play Willie Ned attempting to accomplish that,” said my Texas-born aunt Delphia. “You ain’t got no fetchin’ up” is one of my favorites.


From my Aunt Delphia, a Texas girl, “I’m fixing to tell you what; I’m fixing to tan your hide; you’ll play Willie Ned trying to do that.” And my fave, “you aint’ got no fetchin’ up.”


Man, I was going to say fixentu, but someone beat me to it! They just slur everything together down here and add a twang to it.

There is also just fixens. I’m from the south and have actually had this conversation:
“Do you want the fixens?”
“Yeah,fixens for your potato, sour cream, cheese, know, fixens.”

stumble guys

People in the South have a rich tradition of using colorful and unique expressions, and Jaime appears to be interested in collecting and sharing these regional sayings or phrases. This could be a fun way to explore the rich linguistic culture of the Southern United States.


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