Blissdom, Fabric & Vine: Friday I’m in Love

Anna Maria Horner

This is beautiful! What is that velvet?   Special delivery! A box of gorgeous new fabric for upcoming projects and general shelf occupation and creepy petting sessions arrived on my doorstep this week and I can’t wait to give y’all a little stash peek. First off, I finally caved and ordered some of the Anna Maria Horner, Field Study VELVETEEN, Spotted in the Crowd – Amelie. I saw someone use it as a quilt back recently and the luxurious idea of a quilt backed with leopard print velveteen made it impossible to resist.

Lizzy House

This Lizzy House, Constellations, in Star Gazer is just about perfection for a modern baby quilt that can grow with the child. Those black stars are stunners.

Timeless Treasures, Sketch Basics, Sunkissed

Need some simple fabrics on hand but sick of solids? I love the patterns and colors of Timeless Treasures Sketch Basics  in 1/2 yards & fat-quarters. This sun-kissed palette is lovely for Valentine’s Day through Spring.

Kokka Faces of Beauty

Kokka Faces of Beauty in Pink & Turquoise. I just want to scoop up all of these little puppy faces in a basket and take them home but I’ll have to settle for this chic canvas from Kokka. What would you make with this cutenesss?

Kokka Japan, Puti de Pome, Scaredy Cat Mustard

And lastly a little something for the cat ladies. You know who you are! Kokka Japan, Puti de Pome, Scaredy Cat Mustard (and pink and gray and turquoise) has vintage flair that has me thinking kitchen. right?

Stay tuned for this afternoon’s Fabric Friday and you could find a package of pretty fabric on your doorstep too!

Prudent Baby Vine QuiltIn other news, Jaime and I, but especially Jaime, have embraced the new #VineApp with gusto. In addition to lovely little video vignettes of sweet Scarlet, she has started a series of Vine posts featuring a quilt block a day on her way to making scarlet a beautiful heart & linen quilt. If you haven’t jumped on the Vine bandwagon, you should check it (and us @PrudentBaby) out. People are doing some really cool stuff, and some surprising stuff, and some slightly irritating stuff. I kid. It’s all fun!

Prudent Baby Vine Quilt

So now I feel like I should do something on Vine everyday too. But what? Anyone have a suggestion?

Prudent Baby Vine Quilt

And lastly, thanks to peer pressure from Jill and Samantha, I’m headed to Blissdom here in DFW in March, and by “headed” I mean driving 10 minutes down the road to the next town over. Are you coming? I wanna know! I’ve heard it’s like one big inspirational hug. Um, I could totally use one of those.

Have a nice weekend! Happy Superbowling, if you’re into that. If not, it’s a great time to go to run some errands and find the best parking.




woohooo! SO excited that you are going to be at Blissdom, too! This is my first Blissdom, and Prudent Baby was my inspiration to ever start blogging in the first place…so thank you and damn you all at the same time. Also, I probably wouldn’t have ever even purchased a sewing machine if it weren’t for y’all. So yay and keep a look out for the creeper from NC at Blissdom, that’ll me stalkin’ ya! 😉


First, I looooove the Lizzy House line. I need to get my hands on some. And second, I’m going to Blissdom too! It’s my first Blissdom and I’ll also be one of the Community Leaders. I hope I get to meet you! (I’ll be driving up from San Antonio)


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