Boneau Orange Slush

This is a delicious treat! We look forward to it every holiday season. My mother-in-law just gave me (and therefore you) the recipe so now we will all be enjoying it year round. Boneau Orange Slush… YAY! Run out to the store for ingredients this morning and get it in the freezer. It’s perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Recipe after the jump…

Orange Slush

– 4 cups water
– 2 cups sugar
boil until dissolved

Soak 4 green tea (I use Lipton black) bags for 5 minutes in 5 1/2 cups cold water (I let the bags actually get wet before I start counting time.)

In large container (a low, flat Tupperware-style container works great):
1. Stir to combine in this order:
– warm sugar water
– 1 can frozen orange juice (12 oz)
– 1 can frozen lemonade (12oz)
– tea mixture
– 2 cups brandy

Freeze about 48 hours (I never let it freeze this long, as soon as it’s slushy, You can serve it up)

Scrape some up and add Sprite (or club soda) to make it as slushy or liquid as you like. I like mine very icy, served with a spoon, but I enjoy a good cocktail so proceed with caution.




this sounds soooo good! i wonder if i could throw it in the ice cream maker bowl on the mixer and have it ready in a few minutes??


umm, i meant if i did that tonight have it ready in a few minutes after starting. not have it ready in a few minutes from now at 9 am.


Down in the south this is Bourbon Slush Punch. We tend to serve it at our annual Mardi Gras party.
So so yummy


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