Book Review: Weekend Sewing

I’m a huge fan of Heather Ross’ fabric collections (see the baby food jar fabric tea lights) so I thought I’d pick up her book
Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching.  It’s beautifully designed and just feels nice to hold and browse, with perky illustrations and gorgeous photography by John Gruen.  It includes projects for a relaxing weekend of stitching including a few laid-back clothing pieces for mom, adorable baby basics, and some fun home and accessory projects, replete with patterns for all.  While the patterns are all contained on just two sheets, meaning you need a tracing wheel and tracing paper to actually use them more then once, I really didn’t mind because the projects are so universal they should be reused to make gift after gift.

A few pictures of the projects I made and link to this free Quick Garden Gloves pattern from the book after the jump…

The first thing I tackled was the adorable “Flower Girl Dress” for Miss Scarlet.  Definitely not a beginner project, but I learned a lot and it turned out very well!  One tip I would share is to use the pattern a size bigger then you want your dress to be, they seem to run small.  I made my dress with the size 2 pattern and it was too small for S even at age 1.  No worries though as I shortened it and sent it off to her younger cousin.  The fabric was a vintage find from Reform School here in Silver Lake.

I also threw together these Quick Garden Gloves using knit from an old maternity shirt, a completely easy and adorable project that would be a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys gardening!  Get the how-to from Heather Ross here.

So many craft books are filled with overly-complicated projects or feature just a couple that you like – this one has cover-to-cover great projects that can grow with you as you learn more techniques.  Weekend Sewing is a great gift for yourself but it’s beautiful design begs to be given to a friend learning to sew.  With its tips and guidelines for everything from using elastic thread to building out your kit, it’s got just enough to get you going, while still being a book you will refer to every time you’re feeling the itch to sew…
Get it here!

P.S.  We don’t get paid to review anything and I didn’t get the book for free either đŸ™‚



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