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We have four books published (so far), and we hope you adore them all. Learn more about them here…

Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Family Home
Pretty Prudent Home Book Our first book together, Pretty Prudent Home (Abrams), is part design book, part DIY guidebook, with beautiful photography inviting readers to tackle projects both simple and sophisticated. With images from the authors’ homes, as well as those of trendsetters around the world, fans are given an in-depth look into the lives and design sensibilities of a wide spectrum of stylish, aspirational, yet down-to-earth families. With modern projects that include repainting thrift store finds, repurposing vintage heirlooms, creating quick window treatments, sewing your first hand-me-down quilt, and even tips on the easiest ways to throw a last-minute party or host a bake sale, Pretty Prudent Home offers practical projects and a large dose of our trademark banter and whimsy to help you create a truly inspired yet livable home. And yes, everything in the book is brand new, never before seen on our site! Order your copy from Amazon here: Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Family Home

Jaime’s latest book, Prudent Advice for Every Woman (Andrews McMeel) is a re-packaged gem, distilling the essence of her first bestselling book to make it perfect for gifting- not just to mothers, but to any girl or woman you adore.
Prudent Advice for Every Woman “Coloring your hair is an ongoing commitment.” This canny counsel and 499 more nuggets of distaff discernment are presented beautifully in this irresistible collection that is as charming as it is practical.
Prudent-Advice-for-Every-Woman-3 Thoroughly modern and atypically witty, this keepsake edition overflows with insight that is occasionally time-honored (There is no substitute for baking soda), sometimes tactical (Anytime you are debating whether to shower or not, take the shower), and other times incredibly profound (When something tragic happens to someone you care about, do not ignore them just because you don’t know what to say). This primer of 500 lessons, observations, and knowledge–originally compiled for the author’s baby girl–is a compelling guide to finding beauty in the world and in oneself, with a distinctly fresh twist.

Jaime’s second book, My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter (Chronicle Books), is a fill-in journal for any mother to write her own Prudent Advice for her daughter.
My Prudent Advice This keepsake journal prompts mothers to record their own personal advice (“The best medicine for a broken heart is:” and “A woman is most beautiful when:”) alongside inspiring quotes and thoroughly modern yet time-honored counsel on all aspects of life, from love and friendship to education, travel, and fashion. With brightly colored interiors and a ribbon marker, this treasure helps mothers create the gift of a lifetime.

Jaime’s first book, Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) (Andrews McMeel), is finally out of print after 5 reprints, but still available used (and still worth collecting, as it features the 4-color artwork that rounds out the perception of beauty and truth we all hope to share with our daughters).
Prudent Advice Book Jaime Morrison Curtis Like Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie or Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture, Prudent Advice is an inspiring primer of lessons, observations, and knowledge conveyed to her daughter by a very modern mother. These are the rules of contemporary wisdom rewritten for our time; the new adages to be passed from woman to woman that represent the best advice about mastering life in our complex twenty-first century era. Illustrated with four-color art throughout.

Prudent Advice isn’t what your mother taught you–it’s more. Delivering 500 mini-lessons meant to educate and entertain, Curtis writes with wit and fresh insight into motherhood wrought from her own experiences and those of her blog followers. Time-honored canons such as “Dress appropriately for work” and “You reap what you sow” mingle with more unconventional prudence such as “Talk to strangers” and “Don’t be afraid to get lost.” She teaches how to jump-start a battery and make summer squash with goat cheese pasta–everything a mother wants for her little girl.
Prudent Advice book 2

Curtis emphasizes the importance of being ethical, practicing kindness, thinking for oneself, and seeing the beauty in everything and everyone, especially on the inside. This compelling guide also offers poetry, inspirational quotes, and recipes meant to embellish cultural perspective and cultivate a well-rounded, sophisticated woman. Prudent Advice book baby Scarlet Prudent Advice will inspire mothers and daughters to celebrate their differences while unearthing shared core values that bond them together as family.