Buttonholes, Capelets, and Olive Oil Ice Cubes: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Video of the week: How to Sew a Buttonhole. Do not be afraid mamas. Oh and btw, have you subscribed to our you tube channel yet? Please do!

Pinterest Love: Our followers were very into the Threads Magazine Guide to Thread Tension and The Gardener’s Eden’s genius plan to freeze fresh herbs in olive oil.

Place we wish we were headed this weekend: Well, I just want to take this kid to the beach. Any beach’ll do. Where is your favorite stretch of sand?

Thing that melted my cold, cold heart: I’m not usually one to re-post commercials, but ohemgee this made my heart swell. Do we have any athlete mamas out there? Tell us about your hard work and your PRIDE! Hardest job & best job, no doubt.

Projects we wish we had posted: These travel bags from BHG are genius, pure and simple.

Also loving this sparkler safety caddy DIY for the 4th of July from Merriment Design:

Blast from the past: I thought I’d pull a project from the Prudent Baby archives. This week I was cleaning up Scarlet’s closet and found this – it’s definitely going in her “memory box” (that’s what she calls the box overflowing with stuff I can’t bear to give away that I hope my grandchildren don’t scoff at when I try to foist it upon them). Find the Prudent Baby Capelet pattern here.

Baby that melted my heart this week: Tesla. Oh, she’s a sweet little peanut. Scarlet adores babies, is this generally true amongst four year olds? I mean, she ADORES THEM. So much so that she begs me to have one on a daily basis.

Thing I don’t care about but sometimes think about: Scarlet looks nothing like me or her dad. Whatever, I couldn’t care less. But then we snapped this pic the other day and I thought… maybe? a slight resemblance, maybe?




Yes, absolutely the preschool set are fascinated by babies! They swarm me when I bring the baby in to drop off/pick up big sister. I literally have to keep them from grabbing and tugging on her. And it makes Big Sister a rock star. It’s not all of them, but most who are interested and a couple are more smitten than the rest. I’m constantly saying “let’s respect her body. No touching please!”
And Scar looks just like you in this pic!!


Scarlet is definitely your offspring. Love those eyes! All four of them. My 9 year old is into babies right now too. She tells me SHE wants one on a daily basis. I’ll be okay with that until she turns 10 and then I might start freaking out a bit. I have three girls’ and none of them (except the oldest most recently) have ever really cared about babies or playing with dolls. It sort of made my pregnancies with each of them uneventful. We didn’t have to deal with any sibling rivalry, but then again they could’ve cared less they had a new baby sister. I say enjoy this phase all the way!


So…That commercial totally made me cry like a little girl! I LOVE the olympics and was an athlete all the way through college – so my mom I’m sure can relate!


You made my heart skip a beat. Your daughter is a beauty just like her mama! Those crystal blue eyes are a lovely gift to your sweet little girl along with your crafy ways, sense of adventure and fabulous style! We are soon driving from the flyover state we currently live in all.the.way.home to my favorite beaches (and family) in South Florida. At this point any beach will do!


Um are you kidding?? Scarlet is a spitting image of her mama!!!! Both absolutely stunning!!
Can’t beat our Aussie beaches!! Especially the West Coast!! =D


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