By Myself in Buenos Aires

Republica de La Boca I took a trip by myself to Buenos Aires, which is a wonderful plan that I highly recommend to any ladies looking for a solo adventure. I thought I’d share some of the beauty of this vibrant city! I started off walking around La Boca, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires right by the mouth of the Riachuelo.

In the 1906’s local La Boca artist Benito Quinquela Martín painted the walls along Caminito the bright colors that now attract so many tourists. I soaked in the touristy vibe by strolling, eating some empanadas and watching some Tango. Caminito

On Sunday I got up early to walk and shop the San Telmo market. San Telmo

I found many, many fur coats, some light reading…
5 copy

and of course more Empanadas (In Argentina they are usually baked, not fried, so I told myself they were “healthy” ha). Empanadas

I came back later in the week to visit the Modern art museum, then wandered the streets of San Telmo where the colonial buildings are so colorful. San Telmo

I stayed with a friend in his gorgeous apartment in Recoleta. Recoleta

I mean, it was seriously beautiful. Recoleta Apt

When in Buenos Aires you should definitely make your way to the Recoleta Cemetery and stroll along the endless lanes. Recoleta Cemetery
Recoleta Cemetery Of course I had to visit Evita’s grave. Evita

I was introduced to a neighbor of my friend, a life long porteño in her 80’s who is also a student, art collector, and wonderful host of afternoon tea. She treated me to a tour of her stunning apartment. 11 copy

One day I hopped on the buquebus for a day trip to Colonia, Uruguay (about an hour away by boat). Colonia

I wandered around, letting out little sighs of contentment. Uruguay

And found a perfect spot for a quiet lunch, with Malbec of course. Colonia Uruguay

I spent an afternoon in Buenos’ Aires hip Soho Palermo neighborhood strolling, shopping Palermo
and having lunch by this perfect pool at the Home Hotel. Home Hotel Palermo

I also spent a few nights at the luxurious Park Tower hotel, with a great view of the Torre Monumental.18 copy

A highlight of my trip was spending a day in Delta Tigre. We drove up, and started with a visit to the Tigre Art Museum right on the river. Tigre Art Museujm In a restored building that used to be a private club, the museum is stunning and worth visiting before going on to your island destination. Tigre Art Museum

From there we took a short boat ride to a private island, Isla del Descanso for a delicious argentian lunch and a tour of the sculpture garden.Isla del Descanso

I even got the chance to pose on the Pablo Reinoso installation “Harmony Chairs”. Harmony Chairs

Buenos Aires is on the world’s largest river, but you won’t find much beach culture in the city. The water of the delta is clean and fresh but it’s a distinctly unpleasant shade of brown. So after a week of stomping through the wonderful city, an afternoon relaxing by the pool at Isla del Descanso was welcome before hopping a ferry back to the city. 24 copy

From there it was back to the city for more alfajores, grilled meats, malbec, and colorful, mysterious doorways before heading home to LA. Buenos Aires



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