Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag
We are in total back to school mode here now that Scarlet is off to first grade and the Boneau kids are heading back next. In order to prep, Jaime made Scarlet this adorable DIY Cross Stitch Leather Pencil Case. Now I’m going to show you how to make a reusable lunch bag out of waxed canvas. I chose to use canvas because you can easily wipe it clean and it’s waterproof (win, win!).

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Find out more about how to make the Canvas and Leather Lunch Bag after the jump…

canvas and leather lunch bag

Start by using our DIY Fabric Lunch Bag tutorial. I was able to cut and sew this waxed canvas tarp easily with a regular sewing needle, but if your machine is having trouble getting through the fabric you might want to opt for a sewing needle made for heavier fabrics.

Before you sew it all together, trim the top with pinking shears. This gives it that classic brown bag look, and keeps the canvas from fraying.
Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

Fold the top of the bag down to help you decide where to place your leather cord. Hand stitch a piece of leather cord down in the front and the back of the bag.
Canvas & Leather Lunch Bag

Fill it up with a tasty lunch and a special note for your big kid!
Canvas and Leather Lunch Bag (2 of 1)




How does it stand up when wet? I love the idea and I would like to make one for my hubby, but I know waxed canvas can bleed- and does it have an odor at all?


Mine has never bled, though I can’t promise whatever version you get won’t. I use this same canvas as home-sewn pillow covers for my outdoor furniture and it has withstood the elements for a year!


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