Clare’s Buggie Birthday

We threw Clare a Buggie Birthday Bash this weekend. She has been into Miss Spider lately (like obsessed) so we went with lots of little bugs and flowers on everything and she had a blast! Watch for the DIY scoop throughout the week.

We will also be sharing all of the party’s baking and decorating tips as we kick off Prudent Baby’s Summer of Fanciful Treats, sponsored by Bake it Pretty. Just try to visit their site without filling your cart with amazing baking and party supplies!

Like these adorable paper straws

And the goods to make these…

Here is a complete list of the DIYs to create your own Buggie Birthday!

Drawstring Bags & Coloring Books
Buggie Headbands
Evil “Buttercream”/Decorator Icing
Sugar Cookie Cone
Tissue Number Birthday Sign
Tissue Garland
Making candy with Chocolate Molds
Fabric Pom-pom Flowers




I love the colors! I have the same yellow fabric from Ikea that you used as the table cloth:) I bought it because I had to have it…with no real purpose….but I do now! Thanks for the ideas:)

Thomson's Gazelle

Where did you get the lollipops in the third photo? They look like lollipops that I bought in Paris that were the best lollipops EVER. I'd love to hear similar ones are available in the US!


Thomson's Gazelle – You are in luck! The lollipops are from Michaels and they seem to always have them!


absolutely stunning! the colors! it looks just like miss spider's world only prettier. can't wait to learn about the giant fabric flowers!


Thanks Ladies! We love to hear that you like something that we've created. We all know how great it feels to get nice comments! : )


Happy birthday to your little one! What a beautiful party. I especially love the tissue paper flower garland.


Jacinda, you are truly amazing!! These party themes are so much fun! I'm wracking my brain for a theme for Maya's birthday in November, so I can buy the supplies on my trip home in a few weeks. Hope that I can be as creative as you all!!!


Aaaaayiiiiiiiii my eyes! The CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is adorable. But hello, that sugar cookie TOWER of POWER is dreamy and delicious. I love this. LOVE this!!!!!

Alix from


I love it all, but I HAVE to know about the goody bags! That's my favorite. What is in it? At first I thought it was a little book, but as I look closer it appears to be something else. Do tell!


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