Color-in Valentine’s Day Cards: Free Download!

My friend Asia at The Design Pocket created these insanely adorable valentines that you can print out and have your kids color in!  I had to share them with you because they would be perfect to send off to the family, the right combo of high-design cute and kid-made loveliness, AND they make a great kid-mom activity, which is always a huge bonus.

There are four per page and they say adorable things like “Owl be your Valentine!” Get the Free Downloadable Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards here.

And the free downloadable Valentine’s Day Coloring Book is available here!




These are so cute and exactly what I was looking for! They would go perfectly with the heart-shaped crayons I made for my daughter to give away at playgroup. I hate to be a bother, but could someone post a version with "2011" ?? I am not good at making changes like that. Thanks! 🙂


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