Crafter’s Wishlist 2011 – Jaime Edition

I still think all the stuff I reco’d on my Crafter’s Wishlist 2010 is good for the asking, and I can’t disagree with anything on Jacinda’s 2011 Crafter’s Wishlist, but because I love to put ideas in your head, here goes…

Since you’ve been such a good girl this year, maybe Santa will bring you the fabulous embroidery machine you deserve. Go big or go home with the Brother 2800D.

A subscription to Make Magazine. I was pretty sad when Craft Magazine went online-only, and soon after ReadyMade said goodbye. Luckily Make is still being printed, and it’s awesome. I want it to come to my mailbox like a special gift over and over all year long.

Amy Butler YarnOf course lots and lots of it in coral, cream, gray, and pale yellow. You know how much I love coral, and it’s gonna look amazeballs to have a hand crocheted coral blanket in Scarlet’s new coral room, if I do say so myself.

One Yard Wonders: Fabric by Fabric,and not just because a full pattern for my Swaddle Blanket is included, but because all the projects are awesome. But also, how cute does that baby on the cover look in my swaddle blanket??

Might I also suggest…

Fabric Rotary Circle Cutter. It cuts perfect circles! Which means I might finish this quilt sometime this decade. And it would make making french poufs so much easier!

For all your future party needs, a collapsible wooden cupcake/pop tower from The Cupcake Tower will be so handy all year round. I adore mine – stock it with pops, cupcakes, or whatever sweet treats you choose, then wrap coordinating ribbon for awesome presentation at your parties.

Padding Compound. So I can make all my scrap papers and such into drawing pads for scarlet. Also so I can turn papers into little books by padding them, then creating fabric covers.

Heat Embossing Starter Kit. I’ve never done this before but I SO want to try Martha’s latest crafty activity for grown ups. Glitter? Paper? Warmth? It all sounds so lovely.

Wood Burning Tool. I just want to try this. I will burn my initials into everything. And maybe Jacinda’s too. Maybe a heart with JC+JB=4ever or something like that.

A cake turntable. One of those things I’d never buy myself and use like four times a year, but still totally want. Same goes for a Decorating Bag Holder
and a Wonder Mold. Oh, and I’d probably frame this poster and hang it in my bathroom for study, HA.

And a photo studio in a box lightbox kit – a wonderful gift for anyone who is trying to sell homemade items online, it helps get rid of shadows for crisp macro shots.

And one for the kiddies… how adorbs are these kid’s needlepoint kits? !!!

Soooo, what are you asking for this year?



Alison F.

I'm still wanting a rotary cutter and a self healing cutting mat. I mean the dining floor and my sissors work great but an upgrade would be nice. Might have to add that Amy Butler yarn to my list now too!!!

Hope Santa is good to you this year ;0)


I've been a good girl..I want the embroidery machine on your list !

Sure I DO already own a machine,but that one has a bigger hoop than mine.


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