Crafter’s Wishlist – Jaime Edition

Ok, my turn, my turn!  Yes, I’m making a list, so hubby check it twice!  Here’s the things that I think are nice…

Bias Tape Maker

If you are a  regular around here, you know that we ADORE making our own bias tape, and nothing makes it easier then this fun little gadget.  And then in your stocking some different tips like the new 2 1/4″ quilt binding tip, and some tips in various sizes like 1/2″, 3/4″, or my fave the 1 1/4″.

Deluxe Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine

Oh the joy of not having to cut your own fabric.  Need I say more?  Jacinda and I say that we like to sit around while our machines do all the work for us.  Make sure to ask santa for an extension table attachment, a pinking blade, a wave blade, and maybe some embossing rolls like the scallop or circles.

Walking Foot

I’ve caught a bit of the quilting bug.  If your machine didn’t come with a walking foot, you are going to love it!  It’s also great for sewing jersey.  It is sort of like feed dogs for the top fabric, it keeps the fabric moving and the layers of your project from slipping.  We have a bunch of quilting & jersey DIYs coming up so get your foot ready.  The link above is to a brother walking foot because that’s what I use, but just google the correct brand and “walking foot” and you’ll find what you need.

Velveteen Fabric from Anna Maria Horner

Sometimes we need more than just quilting cotton, right?  These velvety fabrics are INSANE RIDIK LUXE!  Santa, slip some velveteen under the tree for me, k?

Amy Butler Thread Sets

9 rolls of giza cotton thread AND it comes in such a pretty box!  Seriously, would you not sort of jump a little when you opened it?  maybe bite your cheeks and wish the morning would just end so you could go sew already? Jeesh, maybe i’m a huge dork but i LOVE these thread sets.

America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

You saw all the delicious things I’ve cooked up from the book. It’s like the bible of family cooking with all the details on how to make favorites a little healthier. I feel good every time I open it up. You could also go for a subscription to Cooks Illustrated – when we gave one away earlier this year, the winner emailed me to say: I’m happy to say I finally got my first issue of the Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Wow! This is magazine something else: ) Again, thank you so much! Not only does it have some awesome recipes, but I totally love reading the articles on how the recipes were created, so scientific sometimes. Awesome.

Personalized Stationary

I’ve just always wanted my own custom notecards. So fancy. This one is Victoria Gray Stationary from Hatched.

DSLR 50 mm Lens

So many ladies email us asking for advice on how to sell more stuff in their etsy store or get more traffic to their blogs. The number one answer is BETTER PICTURES! And the best way to do that is with this lens. You’ll get those great blurry backgrounds and beautiful portraits too. Also make friends with your aperture settings. But you can learn more about that in our post 25 Tips for Taking Great Photographs.

Papercraft: Design and Art With Paper

This is just a lusty book for any crafty chicka.

Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

If you are ready to upgrade, get one like mine! I adore my machine!

Minnetonka Toddler Booties

Umm, this isn’t crafty at all, but these are awesome. Scarlet and I have matching pairs, yay!

And some Stocking Stuffers of the crafty sort:
Bone Folder: (push out seams with it – what a breeze)
Loop Turner: Make straps easier.
Aleene’s Glue Gift Packs: You know how we feel about glue.
Little Jars of Essential Oil: Make candles, scrubs, sachets, whatever! One tiny jar lasts forever.
Thread Organizer: Useful and pretty, makes your thread into a fetching colorful display instead of a tangled mess.
Bias Ruler: Makes life so much easier.
Kenzan: This japanese flower arranging tool is a great stocking stuffer for someone who loves flowers.  If you can find an antique one in a cool shape, that’s even sweeter.
Pearl Snaps & Snap Pliers: Always good to have these in stock for making fun stuff like Snap Wrap Dresses or Snappy Toddler Tops.
Jiffy Grip:  Make slippers and pajama feet that won’t slide around.
A Good Pair of Shears:  Once you get a decent pair of sewing scissors you totally understand why your mom freaked out if you ever tried to use hers for cutting paper.  I finally invested in a good pair and it’s like wearing diamond earrings, it just makes everything you do with them feel a little more special.
Sewing Table:  HA HA, it’s only $1300, shove it in that stocking!  But seriously, wouldn’t that be nice?  A fancy table that holds your machine, your serger, all your stuff, in little compartments, that folds in ten million ways…the dream of organization…the fantasy, really…

Ok, your turn!  What are you asking santa for this year?  What should WE be hoping turns up under the tree (or near the menorah in my case)?  Let us know in the comments and you could win yourself a luscious glitter assortment!




Love these lists! I really want a walking foot and a digital slr. I'm also interested in the snap kit. Thanks for doing the legwork for us. 🙂


I am on the PROWL for a new camera! I had such an amazing Canon years ago. I took it to Italy and, whist wearing ridiculous leather platform sandals that I *had* to buy in Milan (I was 18 – I thought that's what you did in Italy – bought expensive leather goods), tripped on the cobblestones in said ridiculous footwear and smashed the camera into 800 bits and pieces. Tragedy. So I've had just a soso camera since. Time to get a good one again! Yay!

Thanks for sharing all those goodies! Want!


I too need a camera. I've got just a point and shoot cannon right now. Which takes ok pictures but hello, I have a blog now. What ind of blogger doesn't have a $1000 camera?

We shall see if not for Christmas (darn kids) then def. tax check time (I love you kids!)


I need a few things….like a camera (not to echo everyone) but mine has no flash! I took it to the beach this summer and the tide came up…it does take pictures, though. But not pictures of my child in motion!

But another thing I REALLY want…grommet pliers. I want to make some curtains. And shower curtains.

And my #1 desired gift, if anyone was really asking, would be a go cutter, which cuts fabric in piles into neat shapes. Wow. I would love it.


I love this!!!! I don't know how you all do it, but I love looking in my eamail everyday for some awesome Prudent Baby eye candy…it's the one thing I look forward too!!!! On my list…definitely the silhouette cutter….a lensbaby, and a shed…Yes…a shed in which to house my crafting studio!!!!!


I would love a voucher for time to sew uninterupted, and have asked for some ironing hams to make ironing those puffy sleeves on my daughter's dresses easier (especially as I am sewing them). There are more miscelaneous items but those would be my top two wishes this year.


I'd love a fancy camera, but know that's not going to happen so in the meantime on my list I have…
Extra set of bobbins
Pinking Shears
And of course a babysitter/maid! 🙂

While I love to sew I'm really hoping for the last one.


I am going to apologize in advance if this is a really long post but here's my wishlist

Yarn organizer for my basement – would like the one like in the yarn store except with a door

Two antique cupboards with glass doors to display my beautiful fabric collection

Bias tape maker – you guys sold me

The machine that cuts quilt pieces (not sure what it's called)

Dress form for my size

Extra hands (does something like that exist)???

Sewing table

A sewing room

Riley Blakes Wheels fabric – love this one for my little guy

Other craftiness stuff — a saw, a nailer (crafty for home DIY)


I'm asking Santa for a serger and a new "high tech" sewing machine. i want to embroider and all that stuff and I am also asking for a new art desk :


Okay what I really wanted was a custom thread holder! And I found a guy who makes them and they are beautiful! (And to my luck- he lived 15 minutes away!) Merry Christmas to me! I just wanted a really pretty thread rack that was bigger than normal ones so it would fit perfectly above my sewing table! I am in love with it!


I just got my main Christmas gift, a serger! Wahoo!! A few other things on my list….
Cricut lite Cartridge- Celebrations
New Couches
Hobby Lobby Gift Card

So Sew Crafty Leonine Mommy goes, I did this the other day and it dumped me out and I almost cried cuz I wanted to print it for my family too.

First off I need a new sewing machine I have never had a new non hand me down machine that was fresh out the box.

A walking foot for said machine would be lovely.

some gorgeous variety of designer fabrics from peolpe like Jennifer Paganelli, Heather Bailey, Kate Spain, Anna Maria of course and Michael Miller, Lila Tueller and Sandi Henderson.

A cutting mat with a handle and pressing surface on one side and a cutting mat on the other.

A new Camera with the ability to use a 50mm zoom like a Nikon or Minolta for blogging and pictures of family and handmade items for all the shops I dream of being in.

More time with my 18 year old first born daughter who lives two hours away and my momma who is the last of my parents and has stage 4 secondary breast cancer in the liver and now around her abdominal area. My dad died in 2004 of secondary collon cancer in the Liver. He loved Christmas I try to make it like he did but I fail every time.

I want a sewing class to hone my skills at the college so I can get credits to add to the ones I got before my daughter was born.

I could use a new car but I don't think that's in the cards but Santa Could pimp my ride a 1999 VW Jetta with 154,000 miles on it and a twelve pack of sodas exploded in.

I would like a gift certificate to Michael's for purse embellishments.

lastly I would like my 16 year old son's baby boy to be born healthy and strong and for the family to be able to come together and do what we oughta for the sake of this little child.


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