Crafting Community Vacation

Last weekend Scarlet, her BFF Niko, myself, and Niko’s Mama all headed out to the Ace Hotel Palm Springs for Crafting Community Weekend put on by Kimmel Kids and Kid Concierge, and we had a BLAST.

It was a weekend of swimming, playing, and crafting, with stations set up all throughout the day for kids to make all sorts of awesome crafts like succulent gardens, necklaces, mod podge pots, felted rocks, crochet, etc. etc. etc.

We had barbecues, smores, jumping on the bed, swimming till we could swim no more, and drinking wine on the patio after the tots konked out. It was a total blast.

Totally worth the trip – really the best vacation a crafty family could imagine. See more pics and get inspired to do some crafts with your kids after the jump!

As usual, leave a comment and you could win this week’s prize, an awesome 1/2 yard of nicey jane oilcloth!

Crafting Community Weekend

Some of the loot we made and brought home to dad.

Scarlet’s fave – learning how to cut with scissors to make felt boards.

Crochet station.

Mod Podge a pot, then the next day they could plant seeds in them, but there was so much to do we didn’t get around to it!

Baby yoga was offered.

And the lovely pool was reserved for the families.  Everyone looked out for everyone else’s kid and we all swam and played.

Delicious meals were served in the prettied up dining area.

Before the mad rush at the craft stations.

Her first room service was a total hit.


Buddies in their hand painted shirts.

My favorite treat from the weekend, the necklaces s and I made together.  She picked out the colors – she’s got mad style, right?


Can’t wait for the next one!



Jayson F.

That looks like such a fun time had by all! I wish they had something like this in Chicago (minus the swimming in October…brrr!)


That looks like crafty heaven!!!

A nice respite from book interviews. BTW, I LOVE PRUDENT ADVICE! It is now my favorite gift to give expectant mamas.

Itty Bitty Beasties

Smashing good times! Next time videoblog the whole thing so we can feel like we were there, too!…Though you did a great job with the pictures. Scarlet is too adorable for words!

Seaweed and Raine

Looks like you had a mad weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also noticed a couple of Prudent Baby dresses being modeled by Scarlet and Niko – sweet. Are you going to show us how S made her funky necklace???


I love the idea of a craft get-away weekend for moms and kids. I checked out the details of the weekend and it sounds like something right up my alley. With one small hitch…it was in Palm Springs and I am in Vermont! After a cross-country airplane ride with my active 2-year-old I would need my own "get away" vacation! Do you know of any such events on the east coast? I'd join in a minute!


That looks super-fun! But at first I read, "Drinking wine on the piano after the tots konked out…" and I thought you had A LOT of fun.


how stinking cute! My husband just got an internship with the people who designed the 3 Ace Hotels (Portland, New York, and Palm Springs) . was it a good venue for crafting?


What a fabulous vacation!!!! My girls and I would just love something like this!!!! Please do tell when the next one will be, we are only about 4-5 hours away!

Janet Fitzmayer

How stinking adorable are those two!!!!
Wish we had something like this where we live!!!!
Gorgeous photo's.
And i see little miss S wearing her one should ruffle dress! gorgeous.


Niko's hair is AMAZING. I would love to have hair like that. Then I could sleep until 7am every morning.

Coolest vacation ever! Great, great idea that I would perhaps love to use in the future.


oh my goodness can these crafty girlies get any cuter!! ohh I can't wait until my little one is big enough to do stuff like this with! I didn't even know they had stuff like this…so many memories for you and exciting!


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