Crochet Beret

As I mentioned recently, I’m working on learning to crochet, so be nice.  For this little baby hat I mastered the half double crochet and did it in rounds, super simple with fun results.  It looks like a cap instead of a beret on Scarlet because it’s not for her, it’s for her tiny cousin whose head is much smaller.  Learn how here.  I just added more stitches in a few more rounds, then less stitches in a few rounds to get the beret shape.  I switched colors for the last two rows which you can learn how to do here.

If you are starting to learn crochet, let’s do it together, it’s kind of obsessive once you start.  And send us some pics!



Snot Head

Just started to follow your blog when I found the Granny Square Slipper Pattern on here. I have since made two pairs! I have been crocheting for a little over a year now and have opened a store on Etsy with my crochet items. You are so not kidding that it is addicting, but I am impressed at your skill so far! It looks great, and I must say your baby has the most beautiful eyes! I think she needs a hat like that of her own!

Good luck with the crochet! Be careful about visiting yarn stores and craft stores…It has been said (by um…myself) that buying yarn can be even more addicting than the crocheting itself! ;o)

Baby Crochet

What a cute beret! I've never made a hat/beret for a baby, but that might just have to be my next project. Looks like it would be pretty easy to do 🙂


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