Crochet Neck Cuff / Scarflette Pattern

My best GF’s and I implemented a or less holiday gift policy about 5 years ago and it’s been entertaining to see what we come up with every year (Malice got me a Barney’s leather wallet for under $10!!  so what if it’s a weird size that can’t accommodate a bill, it’s gorgeous!).  Anyhow, now that I’m learning to crochet I decided to make some of these neck cuffs/scarflettes for them over the holidays, and to share the crochet pattern with you.
I even found a crazy button store on my street – all kinds of wild vintage buttons that wardrobe people from the studios use to make sure Angelina Jolie has just-the-right-time-period button on her coat in The Changeling – and the owner gave me a whole button tutorial!  Did you know about backing buttons?  Do you want to?  Get the neck cuff pattern and some mad button knowledge after the jump…

Crochet Neck Cuff/Scarflette Pattern

For the green, black, gray and cream colored cuffs I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn and a Size N (9mm) Crochet Hook available here.  I like it to have a gradually increasing edge so it looks nice if you want to wear it as a cuff rather then a scarflette.  For the multicolored cuff I used a fancy alpaca yarn because my friend is allergic to wool.  For that yarn i used a size 10.5 needle and just added a few stitches to each row.  Use yarn any smaller and your cuff will look less “The Season of Cozy” and more “sad necklace”.

Neck Cuff Pattern:
Ch 35
Row 1: Ch 3, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC into ea ch (36 DC)
Row 2: Ch 3, DC into 3rd ch from hook, DC into ea stitch (37 DC)
Row 3: *Ch 3, DC into 2nd ch from hook, DC into ea stitch (38 DC)
Row 4: Repeat from *
After Row 4, chain 1 and sc into ea st up the side, around the corner and across original foundation chain, down the other side and across the bottom.  Should be about 90-95 Sc.  Slip stitch to join, weave in ends.  For the green/white cuff I switched yarns for this step, do as you like.

Now to sew your button on.  I got some fabulous buttons, these horn buttons were awesome and about $7 each.  When you pick your button also get a backing button, just a little clear button that you will sew onto the opposite side of your piece from where your button is.  This will stabilize the button and ensure it doesn’t flop over, it makes a huge difference!  So do that and sew it on as you would any button, and just slip it through one of your DC stitches.  Now you can wear your item two different ways.

As a cuff:
As a scarflette:





Just found your site!! I love the chain reaction of super cute blog finds when you search for a project. Love the Cuffs/Scarflette now if only I knew the first iota about crochet lingo, I might be able to add this to my project list. I love a challenge though đŸ˜‰ Bravo!


You thought you were one of Jaime's best GF's too? I know, how disappointing for us. At least we can still get the neck cuff… if we make it ourselves. HA! Aren't they beautiful? I love the variety. IF you make one for someone, explain what it is because undoubtably they will try to wear it as a headband.


Hi there! I'm excited to make this supercute scarflette. Do they take more than a ball of yarn, or would I be okay buying just one?


I've made one before with another pattern and I just made one using your pattern. Cute & fast – my kind of project. Thanks for sharing. I have some ideas for embellishing these even more.


I made this last night with the biggest hook I own (I have no idea what size it is) and Lion Brand Homespun. It ought to fit my 5 year old just fine. oops! Post coming soon!


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