Crochet Vase

Here’s an easy and simple way to spruce up a vase: crochet a cover for it.  I had actually crocheted this tube to make another Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cozy, but I used a wool yarn that was just too scratchy for that purpose. Then it occurred to me to slip it on this vase. I love the crafty vibe it gives the living room.
The super-simple Crochet Vase Cover pattern is this:  chain your yarn until it fits right around the vase snuggly, slip stitch into first stitch to join, ch 3, DC into third chain from the hook, DC in each chain across, slip stitch into first stitch to join, and repeat until your crochet vase cover is the length you want.  Coziness!




I don't want to do anything but go home and make one of these RIGHT NOW! I love it so much!!! Is anyone else jealous that Jaime's yard looks like it's summer right now?


Hey I have a question for you ladies…that orange round pillow thats on the chair in the background…did you make that? Any chance you could give me the measurements of how you did it so I could make one??? I guess I could wing it but if you happen to remember the measurements that'd be rad!

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