Cross-Stitch Quote of the Day

Jaime and I have been having some fun turning our favorite quotes from scholars, writers, celebrities, our readers, our friends and even ourselves, into little cross-stitch “patterns.” We will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks.

For today I picked a quote from Jessica, one of our favorite Prudent Mamas. I can’t remember when and why she said this but it amused me so much that I made a note of it. Now it is a cross-stitch pattern that we can all enjoy. Thanks for the laughs Jessica! You help make our day so fun.

#3. Glitter is the Herpes – Jessica

Previously posted quotes include:

#2. Be Where You Are – Jaime Morrison Curtis

#1. Remember This – Marcus Aurelius

Cross-stitch is pretty much the perfect little winter craft and makes an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for someone sweet. If you need a refresher course, Martha can give you the low-down, of course.




Hey! thats me!!! I heard somewhere that as long as you reference a quote 2 times, its yours after that… hahaha thank you ladies!

Jess Shepard

i still think about this… and when i wrote it as a comment a) my mommy brain really had no idea where it came from… i wasnt even sure who dimitri martin was and b) i had no idea i’d get recognized for it.

honestly, i wasnt trying to steal his quote. and my above comment was something my favorite teacher always said… i think i spit it out in nervous fear from displeasing people unknowingly. sigh.. makes me sad. all of this. too bad i didnt just think of it on my own. then this would still make me as happy as it did before i knew it was his quote.

you can ask my husband… the day i saw this post, i flipped out đŸ™‚


Eh, we kinda put you on the spot here. Don’t give it another thought of sadness. We heart you and always love your funny comments! We have people on the internet tell us we did something incorrectly nearly every day. ha

basketball stars

You know, we kind of put you in a pickle here. Don’t think about how awful it is again. We adore your humor and always look forward to it! Nearly every day, we receive online criticism from people who claim that we did something incorrectly

slice master

That’s a fun and humorous quote for a cross-stitch pattern! It’s great to see people finding creative ways to express quotes and share them with others


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