Dallas Reunion Recap

Miss S and I flew to Dallas for a magical reunion with Jacinda and her girls and it was HEAVEN!  Humor me while I give you the recap of all the great crafty places we went and shower you with pictures of our extremely adorable children…

Of course we immediately headed off to Little Bean, the uber-adorable shop from the super-stylish editor of Small Magazine.  We’re sure you’ve been to the website, but the shop was a DREAM.  While the coloring table entertained the girls we perused the well-edited cuteness and left with so many purchases of handmade goodness that I had some ‘splaining to do when I got home and my husband saw it all. One of my favs is this anchor sweatshirt, reminiscent of the anchor cardigan Jacinda bought there that launched an avalanche of emails to us asking where it came from.  Go get something like it!

I know I’ve mentioned my love for champagne before, but did I tell you it’s all Jacinda’s fault?  So it’s only fitting that we enjoyed a few (too many?) glasses of Texas’ own Rising Star Sparkling Wine while we brainstormed about One Yard Wonders and Anna Maria Horner and all sorts of other fabulous crafty ladies who’ve asked us to share some giveaways with you (see, we were “working” …stay tuned)!  Meanwhile, our girls were becoming BFFs:

Of course, we took some breaks to play in Jacinda’s Texas-style yard (read: BIG),

to take the girls to a super-fun birthday party at Let’s Jump, and to appreciate her husband’s hard work assembling a giant playset with swings (aren’t husbands the cutest when they are assembling playthings?):

But back to business.  And our business is CRAFTING.  We headed over to City Craft and I died.  Well, I almost died of excitement over the AMAZING fabric selection.  Ladies, you’ll never again wonder where all the cute fabrics are hiding.  Look at what I left with:

And while this may seem pathetic, I feel like you’ll understand.  I went all the way to Texas to go on a shopping spree at Target.  But, HELLO, the Liberty of London line came out last weekend and we didn’t want to miss it!  Even the girls got into shopping mode:

We left with so many purchases I needed to borrow a suitcase to get them home.  My favorite is this set of Dunclare melamine dishes that not only am I going to use outside all summer, but will also replace all of Scarlet’s baby dishes with:

And of course we enjoyed some Tex Mex and some Chik-Fil-A because I can’t get that stuff at home.  But the highlight?  BARBECUE!  We visited the Feed Store and gorged ourselves Texas-style.  But since my child is not nearly as well-behaved as Jacinda’s (saving those revelations for another post) I was forced to wander outside with her where we discovered COWS!  I know that was the highlight of Scarlet’s trip as she’s been “MOOOO”-ing ever since.




Ooh! I am so excited because I live about 45 minutes outside of Dallas and had no idea about that fabric shop! My birthday is coming and I know just where I want to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Team Botanical

I read the entire (and wonderful) post, and the only thing I can say is champagne! I love champagne! I knew there was a reason I liked you girls.


Oooo how fun. I love the fabric. I have some of those pieces in my collection too. And the liberty of london dishware is too cute. They have the most beautiful prints.


I had so much fun, I want you to come back this weekend. Scarlet is still under 2 and flies for free!! Do it!! Looking at your pile of fabric makes me want to go back and get even more, I have a sickness.


Oh my goodness…..I MUST go to that fabric store when we are in TX!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like you guys had an amazing time. The girls look adorable together!


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