Dino Menorahs, Santa Babies, and Champagne: Friday I’m in Love

DIY Project We’re Loving: I’m in awe over the 8 Days of DIY Menorahs Ciaran from Momfluential has been making, like this Plastic Dinosaur Menorah.

Idea I Wish I Had Thought Of First: Jaime sent over this brilliant idea she spotted on the Just Married and Cooking Facebook page: Freeze pomegranate seeds and put a few in your champagne to keep it cold. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Mind-Blowing, Adorable, and Hilarious: While I was catching up on the important news of the world, I spotted this adorable Swimming Santa Baby, which reminded me of these hilarious Underwater Dog Photos, but my mind was officially blown when I watched Real Dogs Driving Real Cars.

We’ve had holiday photos on the brain…

5 Adorable Props for Your Holiday Photo and 10 DIY Ways to Display Holiday Photo Cards. In the midst of all the fun, don’t forget to grab your camera for these 5 Moments to Capture this Holiday Season.

Keep all gadgets safe and secure (and looking so cute) with these 10 DIY Covers for Your Laptop, Tablet, and Phone.

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This week the holidays are in full swing with…




I got a 404 not found error from the 10 DIY Covers for Your Laptop, Tablet, and Phone link. 🙁


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