DIY: $3 Cake Stand

Lately I have found my fingers tapping for a new quick and easy project for the home. This project had to follow three criteria: it had to be cheap, had to be done during nap time, and had to be useful. This cake stand takes only a few minutes to make (not including drying time) and can be used for every occasion. You can put all your old scrap fabrics to use – a great idea for themed party decor…

Scrap Fabric & Mod Podge Cake Stand

First, you will need a $2 candlestick (thrift stores are full of them), this 99 cent plate, and scrap fabric.

Flip the plate upside down. Lay the fabric on top of the plate and cut around. It’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Cut the fabric into strips or pieces and bring out the Mod Podge.

Start gluing your strips down to the underside of your plate. Careful not to coat the fabric too much with Mod Podge or else you will see pools of Mod Podge on your plate.

Trim the excess fabric off the edges.

Keep trimming until you get all the way around.

Flip the plate back over and set it on your candlestick to dry. Go make yourself a drink.

Now, time to use the candlestick. You can paint it now or keep it as is.

Fill the top with glue or epoxy. I used Gorilla Glue.

Set your plate on top, let it dry.

I decided after finishing it that I wanted to paint the base. You could also do this before you glue it to the plate.

Ta-da, your quick and easy nap time project is now complete.




great diy! i def need to get on my diy projects for the home. was part of my resolution this year. at least once project a month… so far i’ve only created banners and party stuff. you have def inspired me 🙂


Hi, I made this today with a group of girls and we all were in love with the results until we got home and all got big circles of Gorilla Glue showing through our fabric. Will that go away? Thanks!

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