DIY Cameo Plaque

There’s something about cameos that I find a little bit spooky. It might have something to do with Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Regardless, I LOVE THEM and decided to try one out for Miss Quinn Frances. And then we decided to use a cameo in our new banner (see above) and then I decided to use my new cameo plaque as part of my Halloween decor for a bit before it takes up permanent residence on one of my bare walls (hence the weird photo with skeleton.) This was super easy and inexpensive! These would look really cute printed on mugs, totes, t-shirts too…

DIY after the jump

What you need:
Wooden plaque (Walmart): $4.62
Acrylic paint (black & white): $2.50
Photo of child’s profile, on solid background if possible: $0
x-acto or small scissors
Pen or pencil: I used a “Skilcraft Free Ink Roller Ball 0.7”: Stolen from husband’s desk (this is an amazing pen!!)
Large paintbrush: $1-ish
Tiny paintbrush: $1-ish
Varnish (optional): $?

Total: Less than $10

Traditionally this type of silhouette art is actually cut from black paper and placed under glass or, in this case, under varnish/Mod Podge. For this version, I painted the art directly on the plaque but the paper cut would definitely work as well.

1. Paint the entire surface of your plaque white (I think it could also look cool and modern to leave the wood showing. I might try that next). Let dry while you move on to step 2.

2. Print out a profile photo of your baby and trim with an x-acto or small scissors.
3. Trace your cut-out directly onto your plaque with pencil, a fine black Sharpie or the heavenly “Skilcraft Free Ink Roller Ball 0.7” You don’t have to reverse your photo, feel free to trace either side.

4. Using your tiny brush, paint inside the detailed edge of your silhouette black and then fill in with your large brush. Make your black paint as smooth as possible.
5. Add the subject’s name and age (or the date) along the bottom (if you wish) using your pen or a fine brush.

6. When dry, apply a sealant (optional)



Nancy Saccoccio

Jacinda, Sounds like you and Jamie could set up a trade. Hmm- maybe a nice new sheet could be in the works!

Mrs B

i recently became highly interested in cameos too and love the look. when i made mine i took the photos them turned them into cameos using photoshop, i'm not a great painter so photoshop seemed like better option for me but this looks super simple! Thanks 🙂


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