DIY Easy Babydoll Summer Dress (with Pattern)

DIY Easy Babydoll Summer Dress (with Pattern)A few months back I bought a babydoll dress that I loved and wore all the time, that is, until I accidentally shrunk it in the dryer. Now it’s literally a dress for a baby doll. Instead of going out to buy a new one, I figured I should just learn how to make one with a pattern I can use forever.  This dress is pretty easy to make, and is nice and stretchy so you can easily throw it on and head out. I plan to make so many more for this summer.

Learn how to make the DIY Easy Babydoll Summer Dress after the jump…


DIY Easy Babydoll Summer Dress

Materials & Helpful Tips:
– 1 3/4 yards of knit or rayon knit blend fabric
– DIY Easy Babydoll Dress Pattern (Size Small), a 1/2″ seam allowance is included in the pattern.
How to Sew Knit Fabrics
– Your Basic Sewing Kit
– How to Gather Fabric

Start by washing and drying your fabric. Next, cut out the pattern and your bodice pieces.

Cut two 20.5″ x 34.5″ rectangles for the skirt.

Sew the shoulders together with right sides facing. You can finish your seams with a serger, though it’s not needed since this fabric will not unravel.

Easy Summer Babydoll Dress (1 of 7)

Lay the bodice out flat, and sew the sleeves in place with right sides facing.

Easy Summer Babydoll Dress (2 of 7)

Sew the bottom of the sleeves together, and then sew down the sides of the bodice.

I used pinking shears to reduce the bulk of the seams as I went, though it’s not necessary.

Easy Summer Babydoll Dress (3 of 7)

Flip right-side-out and hem the edges of the sleeves and the neckline.

I hemmed by simply folding down the edges a 1/4″, pin, and sew.

Easy Summer Babydoll Dress (5 of 7)

Completing and Attaching the Skirt:

Hem the bottom (long edge) of the skirt pieces up 1″.

Sew the two skirt pieces together along the edges of the shorter sides.

Baste stitch the top of the skirt and gather.

Pin and sew the skirt to the bodice.

You can find detailed instructions on how to attach the skirt by checking out Jaime’s Beginner Jersey Baby Dress Tutorial

DIY Easy Babydoll Summer Dress (with Pattern)




You can never have to many go to dresses, love them for summer. I’ll have to give this one a try for sure.

Cindy in Michigan

I quit smoking almost 9 months ago and have put on a couple pounds, most of my clothes are snug now. This is so cute I want to make several but I must be doing something wrong, I can’t seem to find the pattern. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Cindy in Michigan

Thank you so much, and thanks for the cudos on smoking, giving it up after 37 years was a challenge but I had my first grandbaby on the way so I thought this was the kick I needed to quit before she got here. I ran my mouse over everything on post and couldn’t find a link to pattern anywhere that is why I asked for help. Thanks again. Hugs Cindy

Monique Thomas

I couldn’t find the link either so thanks for reposting. Also I’d also like to know what measurements this size small will fit. Thanks.


Jamie, I was wondering what sewing machine you have? I watched your video on inserting button holes and it looks like one from the NS range, possibly the NS15, is this correct? Do you love it? 🙂


Is there any way to know if the pattern pieces are printing out at the correct size? I have printed it twice and made sure that it prints at 100%, but the pieces look too small to fit my teenager who wears a small. I would appreciate any help. This is for her Easter dress.

Alaina Carmen

I love that these instructions are so easy to follow, but the resulting dress was much too small to fit an adult… it was almost a child-sized dress with a longer skirt.

Zara Van dommelen

Hello, how can i change the pattern to fit a size 12 adult? Thank you :*

Marissa Grady

Love this dress! I had been wanting a cool, casual summer dress and this is perfect. Easy to make and so cute! I found if I enlarged the pattern on the screen until it measured slightly bigger than the suggested lengths (to make a size med) it turned out great!

Leona Harrison

Hi, I’ve never used the printable type of patterns before, Can anyone tell me how do to increase the pattern size to fit a person? The three pieces print on a single 8″x11.5″ paper each. Obvious not any person size. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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