DIY Fabric Belt for Toddler

I just made this fabric belt as a little Valentine’s Day gift for my toddler.  It only took a few minutes, I hope she likes it.
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DIY Fabric Belt for Toddler

1.  Wash, iron and cut your fabric and grab a set of 1″ d-rings.  I used one piece of fabric 1 3/4″ X 44″ long for a 21.5″ belt.  It’s a little small though.  If you need a bigger belt your fabric won’t be wide enough, so cut two equal pieces an inch longer then you want your belt to be.

2.  I ran the fabric through a bias tape maker and ironed, which is a little $5 doo-dad that does this:

but you can just iron both sides in 3/8″.  It’s hard to keep it even which is why a bias tape maker is nice.

3.  Now roll a piece of fusible tape down the inside and iron in place.  If you’re using two pieces, do this to both of them.

4.  For my one long piece I folded it in half and placed the d-rings in the middle.  If you are using two pieces of fabric skip this step.

5.  I pinned the edges of both sides together.  If you’re using two pieces do the same.

6.  At the raw end, trim the corner:

and fold to the inside, iron and pin.

6.  Sew in place all the way around.  You’re done!  If you’re using two pieces, fold one end over your d-rings and sew in place, now you’re done.




Cute! Love it. I have D Rings sitting in a drawer and valentines fabric I bought a while ago….. thx for the idea! We have a very skinny little (but tall) 2 year old. Her pants never want to stay up. : )


So cute! An even easier way to make a belt is to use a length of grosgrain ribbon–fold it in half with the D-rings in the middle and sew all the way around, just as you did with the length of fabric.


I have made many belts for my little one since belts for young toddlers are hard to come by! I have always used the 1" D-rings and grossgrain ribbon. I'll have to try it with the fabric!


I'm so trying this! My littlies are forever "losing" their belts, and at about $11 a pop to get a new one, this looks like a much cheaper, not to mention cuter alternative!


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